Windows InTune is now Microsoft InTune

Windows InTune is now Microsoft InTune

Windows InTune has gone through several updates and changes, not the least of which is a name change! Windows InTune is now Microsoft InTune! Many of the updates have been in the areas of iOS and Android, thus furthering Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management solution.



Some of the improvements made are:

  1. Exchange and Exchange Online access
    1. Block access to on-premise Exchange and Exchange Online email from mobile devices
    2. Create compliance policies that define rules and settings that a device must comply with to access Exchange On-Premises and Online
  2. Mobile Office Management
    1. The ability to control cut/paste/copy  restrictions outside of the app ecosystem
  3. Management of corporate owned iOS devices – check out the link here
    1. Users cannot un-enroll or factory re-set the device
    2. Device can be “shared” amongst a group of users such as point of sale devices in a restaurant
  4. Company Resource access
    1. Create profiles – provision and deploy authentication certificates for managed devices
    2. Email profiles – create and deploy email profiles for devices that run Samsung KNOX. For more details check out the link here
    3. VPN profiles – create and deploy VPN settings to minimize the end user effort required to connect to resources on the company network.
      1. Associate VPN profiles with a managed app so that it automatically opens a VPN connection when the app runs
  5. Wi-Fi profiles – create and deploy Wi-Fi settings
  6. Push free store apps to iOS devices – for more details see here
  7. Security
    1. Data Protection
    2. Remote passcode reset
    3. Multifactor authentication now supported on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1
  8. Restrict admin access to specific groups or users
  9. Updated InTune Company Portal apps to support customizable terms and conditions
  10. Administrative console
    1. New admin dashboard that provides quick access to status details

Last but not least, this is for current InTune subscribers. InTune is now a full native Azure service. Why does this matter? It means now that all updates are pushed out through Azure with no service interruptions. Gone are the quarterly updates and service interruptions. InTune, in effect, is now updated just like Office 365 is, monthly! You can check out the InTune roadmap here

For more details, or if you’d like to have a technical discussion on the capabilities and uses of InTune for your organization give us a call at 1-800-900-1150 or email us at and we’ll run through the options and uses of InTune. 

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