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A voice system is an important aspects of keeping a business productive...

It’s the key to everyday workflow – customer calls, placing orders, conference calls and more. Voice is crucial to a company’s daily operations – without it, how would your employees communicate both internally and externally? Voice is also a key to collaboration and the best way to ensure your organization has a collaborative work environment is to improve communication and teamwork to reach your company’s goals.

Ask yourself the three questions below. If you answer yes to any of them, it’s time to learn more about our Voice Managed Services

  1. Do you need an operational plan to ensure Voice Quality and uptime?
  2. Do you need a comprehensive plan for your operations including E911 and Location Services, and helpdesk/support teams for Voice?
  3. Do you require additional expertise to address centralized policy, custom voice routing, reporting, or monitoring needs that are not addressed with out-of-the-box features or “standard supported” Voice configurations?


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Interlink’s Voice Managed Services
Excel Your Business’ Voice and Collaboration Experience to a New Level


Hosted BPX

Enjoy scalability, call routing, lower costs, and so much more



We work with you to determine the best connection type for your needs


Deploying and maintaining Microsoft Voice across an entire company with multiple sites can be challenging. Organizations typically find themselves behind schedule or running over budget with issues related to a legacy PBX infrastructure, required analog accessories, outdated processes, poor user adoption, and more. Interlink’s Managed Voice Services helps reduce the complexity and maintenance often required when deploying and maintaining Microsoft Teams Voice or Microsoft Skype for Business Server.


It can be difficult finding experts in Voice to help maintain these phone systems and keep them up and running. Interlink’s service desk and Microsoft-certified consultants have Microsoft Voice services knowledge, whether on-premises or in the cloud. We have helped hundreds of clients and have deep expertise and experience dealing with issues and challenges of multiple customers every day. Depending on your organization’s phone system needs, we offer your organization the flexibility it needs via three different support levels.



Why Interlink?

  • We are Proactive: Our service will proactively monitor and manage your voice needs and requirements, to treat many issues before they become any type of threat to your organization’s security, productivity, or efficiency.<
  • We are Experienced: Out team of support engineers and consultants can set up and configure dial plans and guide your organization through all user creation and administration to ensure your voice system will run smoothly.
  • We are Focused: We are a 100% Microsoft firm with deep knowledge and an escalated support plan – this means we can accelerate issues to the Microsoft support team when needed for assistance to quickly address issues.

Give your team back the time they need & let us handle your voice needs.

Using industry standards, combined with our experienced service desk, we save our clients’ money and simultaneously improve service levels. Don’t let these service management duties get in the way of your business – outsource these important tasks to us, so we can help your business stay on track. We’ll show you how easy it is to depend on us for your managed service needs.

Contact us today.