Interlink uses six successive phases to integrate, standardize, and deploy your cloud computing-based IT operations. Each M&A phase works to ensure that the newly formed entity can leverage the cloud to drive value and be ready to take on any new acquisitions.

Phase One: Understanding Your Goals

The first phase begins with understanding the goals and vision of the acquired company and ends with the building of a high-level integration plan.

Interlink assesses:

  • The level of IT operations in place at the parent company
  • The scalability of IT operations at the parent company
Phase Two: The Assessment

Phase two is an assessment of the parent and acquired entities' IT environments.

This phase includes:

  • Categorizing IT assets that create value
  • Identifying which software licenses can transfer
  • Assessing the level of IT human capital and resources available
  • Indexing and analyzing the risk of any homegrown systems

*This phase can be done before or after the purchase.

Phase Three: Building Your Infrastructure

In the third phase, we build your new IT infrastructure and start the integration of the first few firms.

Phase three emphasizes:

  • Speed to productivity
  • Building basic, but effective, collaboration platforms
  • Developing standardization onboarding policies and processes
  • Above all else, not fixing what isn't broken
Phase Four: Standardization

Phase four focuses on building IT standardization at scale.

We create standardization goals and processes for:

  • Cloud services, collaboration tools, hardware replacements, networking infrastructure, and software
  • Purchasing new IT assets while enforcing standardization
  • Leveraging buying power through vendor consolidation
  • Prioritizing the acquisition through IT needs
  • Training strategies


Phase Five: Building Your Shared Services Foundation

The fifth phase is dedicated to building shared services, which serve as the foundation of communication, collaboration, and IT operations.

The shared services phase will:

  • Develop a shared IT support model
  • Centralize the IT purchasing process
  • Update and execute the previously developed training plan
  • Centralize voice platforms
  • Build enhanced collaboration tools
Phase Six: Optimization of Your New Infrastructure

The final phase optimizes all the infrastructure, processes, and builds to serve the ongoing operations - including future acquisitons - of the parent company.

Phase six concludes with:

  • Bringing up each previously acquired site to the proper standardization levels
  • Building process and approach templates for future acquisitions
  • Documenting the IT service delivery model
  • Developing IT chargeback process

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