Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is a comprehensive Cloud-based security solution that protects both on-premises, cloud-based, and endpoint assets. The benefits of Defender have a wide range of capabilities, using advanced threat detection, protection, automated response to reduce the impact when attacks occur, and end-user education for each solution. With Defender security solutions, your business can create powerful layers of security and mitigate security risks.  And almost always, for a low total cost of ownership versus their competitors. 

The Microsoft Security solutions are in the top rankings for the Gartner Magic Quadrants. In the Defender family, Microsoft has excelled with Extended Detection and Response (XDR). It has provided enhanced security by combining different solutions into a simplified and centralized administration portal. Allowing you to save time and effort.


Defender Solutions

While the Defender solutions can be used alone, Microsoft designed them to combine and cover all bases.
Including developing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Operation, Automation & Response (SOAR) system, Microsoft Sentinel. Sentinel provides a central location for analyzing security threats and providing data within your organization. 



Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Security

A Defender solution that your business can implement with Microsoft Sentinel to help strengthen your security posture. 

Unified Cloud-native application protection platform for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, focused on keeping you safe from the start and helping develop secure applications. Through reducing risk and helping prevent, detect and respond to threats as they arise. Includes vulnerability scanning, workload protection, and remediation guidance.  


Enhance your business security even more with Extended Detection and Response (XDR). XDR Capabilities go beyond a SIEM for threat analysis and create a seamless integration. When paired with a SIEM solution it creates a unified security solution to easily manage and automate security operations.

Check out the variety of Defender XDR solutions that your business can gain access to. 

Defender XDR Solutions
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1

An enterprise endpoint security platform. Plan 1 includes next-generation protection for antivirus and anti-malware. It provides a centralized configuration and administration hub to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats.  However, as threats are evolving, it is important to look at more advanced protection as an add-on. 

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Including all capabilities from Defender for Endpoint Plan 1, it is a comprehensive endpoint security Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system. Capable of device discovery & inventory, threat analytics, advanced hunting and more.

Microsoft Defender for IoT

Advanced Endpoint Security for your Internet of Things (IoT) & Operational Technologies (OT), including real-time asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat protection. 

Microsoft Defender for Identity

Secure on-premise identity infrastructure and protect user identities through assessment, reducing attack surfaces, real-time detection and response investigation for lateral attacks inside a network .

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Office 365 centric deep email scanning and compromised link protection including user awareness and training.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to identify and combat cyberthreats in the Microsoft cloud and a huge set of third-parties, including threats caused by employees utilizing unauthorized third party services to store business data.

End-to-End Integrated Visibility

for the variety of attack techniques seen in both external attacks and insider risk

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Interlink works hard to understand not only the complexities of Microsoft Defender Solutions but also the complexity of Microsoft Licensing. Check out the overview of the Microsoft Defender Suite and listen in to understand Microsoft licensing and how Defender solutions can enhance your security posture.