Microsoft Azure

Welcome to a world with unlimited possibilities!

Azure gives you flexible and on-demand access to Microsoft’s cloud computing resources. With Azure, you can quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It supports a deployment model that allows you to provision more power or upgrade your application without any downtime. Azure is always up and always on. The flexibility is limited only by your imagination since Azure enables use of any language, framework, or tool to build applications and then run them on Windows or Linux based platforms. Enterprise ready scalability means access to unlimited server resources and unlimited storage. Are you ready to explore Azure’s possibilities today? Contact us (hyperlink) and we can take you through our Azure Readiness Assessment. This assessment helps identify which workloads are ready to be moved to Azure and which ones will really take advantage of the flexibility of the deployment and cost models – not all will!

What are companies really using Azure for?

  • Global Directory – as clients connect into more and more cloud applications, leveraging their own Active Directory for authentication is key to making these applications work well for end users. Azure gives clients the ability to put their directory on top of the Microsoft cloud – adding redundancy and removing the reliance on the uptime of your local internet connection. It also keeps authentication quick for services like Office 365 which are frequently located in the same physical data center as Azure. Azure Active Directory also allows for powerful add-ons like dual factor authentication and connectivity to third party online application including Microsoft competitors such as
  • Test and development – need to have a number of developers are pounding on the same code at the same time? Need to ensure that the new code can live up to live expectations? Azure is a perfect solutions while client do not need this power year round, just in release cycles. Spin up the solution in Azure – test away and then turn it off until the next release cycle – saving thousands of dollars.
  • Charge Backs – clients have become efficient at spinning up new virtual machines. However, they are rarely as efficient with spinning down an unused or underutilized virtual machine. Azure makes keeping track of workloads by subscription ID a breeze. The subscriptions can then be charged back to the right department or project. Visibility drives accountability.
  • Backup – tape is fundamentally flawed. Backup to disk is a solid solution, but has challenges in getting data out of the data center to an offsite location. Clients are solving this challenge by backing up directly to the Azure cloud. This provides the easy restoration of backup to disk while still getting your data offsite – a key component of disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  • Global reach – have more users offsite or even offshore everyday? Clients need the ability to put computing power close to the users while simultaneously keeping that computing power safe, secure, and redundant. Azure gives clients the power to choose the location of their workloads in Microsoft data centers across the globe.

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