Managed Security Services

Interlink Managed Security Services

What can Interlink's Managed Security Services do for you?

In a world with constantly changing threats, securing your information can be challenging. Interlink has simplified this process by implementing a combination of advanced security products and automated responses to specific threats. We customize our approach to address your business's specific environment while we know that the sensitivity of data can vary tremendously by business. You can rest assured your environment is more secure than ever before when Interlink is your partner.

Security, Managed. Risk, Reduced.

In addition to our existing security products that are installed as part of a standard managed services setup, our managed security offering also includes:

  •   Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication for your Microsoft cloud services – helps minimize the impact of weak passwords and stolen credentials
  •   Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics to provide detailed network security logging – in order to find malicious behavior occurring behind your firewall
  •   Setup appropriate auditing of cloud services – allows for quick response and remediation of issues
  •   Setup security reports of issues and resolutions
  •   Automate account lockout for discovered threats – limits attackers access quickly

Reporting Managed Security Services

Reporting, Verified. Policies, Enforced.

Many organizations need a solution for ongoing reporting and auditing of system access. Interlink can setup automated alerts for both your team’s visibility and for our service desk to ensure the capture of any potential breaches.

Automated Managed Security Services

Automated Responses to Security Threats

Security breaches can happen at any time and many organizations do not have the resources to respond quickly to these incidents. By automating responses to these attacks, we can address the issue in less than one hour.

Identity Managed Security Services

Enhanced Identity Security

Over 75% of the successful attacks we see are because of compromised identities*. By requiring multi-factor authentication or conditional access, we can greatly reduce these threats. With this configuration, end users have to have another factor to access the network resources. This could include a code that is texted to their phone, or requesting access from a domain joined PC, or simply being on the network at a known location – like the headquarters office.

Our Managed Security Services Plans

Plans Managed Security Services

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