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Interlink’s experts understand the Manufacturing industry

With decades of experience and numerous successful client engagements, we leverage your tech investments for a better future. The Manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Utilizing technology to provide seamless collaboration, actionable data insights, and improve your operations is needed to stay ahead. With this transformation, security is also critical, as organizations must comply proactively with industry regulations, internal policies, and enhanced external threats. The fourth industrial revolution is here – are you prepared?

Utilize Cloud Technology

Storage is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Microsoft Cloud. Further lean manufacturing practices through increased security, seamless collaboration, and a toolkit to empower production workers. Leverage real-time data through dashboards to discover insights into your supply chain and internal operations. The Cloud is here, and Interlink knows how to roadmap your transition securely and efficiently.

Empower Production Workers

Manufacturing team members may handle highly confidential information daily and need to communicate with clients, suppliers, and internally. Interlink knows how to leverage technology to provide seamless collaboration to save your organization time and increase productivity – while remaining secure and compliant.

Remain Secure

Clients, suppliers, and government regulations mean Manufacturers must handle data correctly to be audit-ready and aligned with insurance requirements. Interlink’s experts know how to remain compliant, set up a secure environment, and reduce risks for your specific environment and needs.

Transform way of work with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Embedded across your Microsoft 365 applications, learn how to use generative AI and start your digital transformation.

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How We Empower Manufacturing Organizations
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Frontline Workers for Manufacturing

Frontline Workers for Manufacturing

Digitally empowered production workers are the future of successful manufacturers. These production workers are experiencing the same digital transformation that the manufacturing industry is undergoing. Organizations must digitally transform to evolve, but if security measures are not considered then companies are at risk. Properly licensing and ensuring an established security posture for your workers is essential to reducing risk, saving money, and transforming your modern workforce.

"95% of Manufacturing Leaders

agree that digital transformation is essential to their company’s future success” – FICTIV, “2021 State of Manufacturing Report”

Securely Transform Your Workforce

  • Production workers typically comprise most of the manufacturing workforce and it’s their efforts that translate strategies into action, maintain business operations, and create happy customers. They use a wealth of knowledge – both institutional knowledge of the company and first-hand insights – to provide essential services.

  • Peer to peer knowledge share is crucial. Recruit, reskill, and retain your next-generation workforce, equipping them with the skills and tools to safely keep up with the new complexities and speed of digital manufacturing.

  • Boost productivity across the value chain by augmenting employees with Microsoft’s security offerings specifically built for production workers.

  • Securely keep pace with increased operational, maintenance, and process complexity through a technologically empowered workforce.



Empowered Manufacturing Production Workers:

  • Minimizes costs and reduces risks associated with the challenge of connecting employees and their device security to core business systems.

  • Digitizes business operations between production floor and operations, no more paper needed, all in the Cloud with Microsoft 365.

  • Fosters culture and community within the workplace by giving more decision-making power to the production workers through visibility into strategic company goals.

  • Delivers real-time expertise to key players through live access to business data and processes on mobile phones and tablets – giving the production worker’s toolset the same power as the home office.


The Power of the Cloud for Manufacturing

Keep pace with your organization’s needs and market trends, plus drive business transformation, by creating a more profitable and productive business model with Microsoft Azure.

The Manufacturing sector has evolved through stages such as mechanized assembly lines and automation with every new development adding to faster and more efficient manufacturing processes. Cloud computing can bring forth the next revolution for manufacturing companies by transforming their IT infrastructures and processes from error-prone on-premises to the highly available, secure, and efficient Cloud.

From the shop floors of discrete and process manufacturers to the enterprise, and throughout the supply chain, manufacturers can rely on Azure to help them pave the way to the fourth industrial revolution with open, secure, and innovative solutions.

How Azure Solutions are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry:

Transform Your Workforce

Save money by boosting employee productivity across the value chain by augmenting people with team collaboration tools, mixed-reality devices, and AI-enhanced applications. This ensures your organization can keep pace with increased operational, maintenance, and process complexity. Combine productivity applications, intelligent manufacturing Cloud services, and security to transform the way you work. Empower workers to maximize safety and health while improving productivity.

Engage Customers in New Ways

Improve customer satisfaction engagement and profit margins by helping your service agents, sellers, and virtual assistants engage remotely and digitally across channels. Enable contact center employees to provide consistent, personalized support while working remotely, and allow field technicians and engineers to collaborate with colleagues and experts from different locations. Build stronger relationships with your customer base by using Azure to deliver better experiences across marketing, sales, and service channels.

Build More Agile Factories

To meet the challenges manufacturers face, take a data-centric approach to your business with Azure. Augment industrial automation with Cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality to drive new levels of agility, safety, productivity, and innovation. Provide personalized experiences, gain visibility across your end-to-end supply chain, and build innovative business models—with secure and scalable manufacturing Cloud-based technology. Add Cloud intelligence to factory edge solutions from Microsoft’s comprehensive ecosystem of industrial automation partners.

Create More Resilient Supply Chains

Achieve agility, save costs, and increase resiliency in your supply chain by migrating to Azure. Your move to intelligent manufacturing starts with an enterprise-ready Cloud that powers complex industrial operations at global scale. Coordinate suppliers, your own manufacturing, contract manufacturers, and logistics providers by leveraging multi-enterprise collaboration tools that understand your supply chain networks. Maintain optimal inventory levels and manage your cost of goods while meeting customer expectations—without sacrificing innovation and speed.


Security for Manufacturing:

Digital transformation is occurring at a rapid rate. Enabling your workforce to remain secure is crucial to transform while mitigating risk. Production workers are more and more enabled by technology, but most organizations are still just scratching the surface of how technology can propel these workers. Organizations can also hesitate to deploy new technology for fear that they are just adding more attack vectors for hackers. Interlink knows how to strengthen your organizations licensing and security posture regarding production workers, while ultimately reducing risk and saving money.



  • Profile technology needs, connectivity, and infrastructure in use by frontline workers today
  • Profile upcoming technology changes that will impact your frontline workers



  • Discuss how frontline worker’s technology is currently part of the overall security plan for the future
  • Discuss training / readiness and reinforcement of security concepts for workers



  • Review business requirements for your organization, including regulatory, ISO, and customer requirements
  • Review Microsoft offerings for security that are specifically built for frontline workers:
    • Microsoft F1 / F3 Plans
    • Security and compliance

Available Engagements for Manufacturing Organizations

Azure Set Up for Manufacturers

Azure Set Up for Manufacturers

Deploy Azure with full integration into your network in less than two days.

Production Worker Security Workshop

Production Worker Security Workshop

Protect the identities and access of your production and customer facing team members.


Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to connect your workers and create value through unified communication and collaboration.


Find identity risks, gain insight into your application landscape, and improve your identity security posture.


Get a proof of concept for a comprehensive, Cloud-based desktop and app virtualization service.


Learn about modern calling capabilities and build a play to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Calling.