Developing and implementing a disaster recovery program is crucial to the survival of your business.

Yet, according to Forrester's 2017 The State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness, only 18% of respondents feel confident they could recover their datacenter in the event of a site failure or disaster event and only 37% rate themselves as prepared.

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan not only enables your business to stay viable but can also be critical for complying with regulatory or legal requirements, meeting fiduciary responsibilities, and we are seeing more often DR being required in more and more customer contracts.

Interlink's Azure Disaster Recovery Service

Interlink's Disaster Recovery service can be the key part of your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. Our service replicates your workloads running on physical and virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary location, and when an outage occurs at your primary site, you fail over to a secondary location and access your apps from there.

This is a great solution for your DR needs because your data can be replicated to either a secondary data center or right up into Azure. You can also automate your workload to run at the secondary site within minutes after the primary site has gone down.

Our DR solution supports applications on-premises or that are already housed within Azure, providing comprehensive coverage across Linux, Windows, VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, and physical servers.


Lower Costs

Lower Costs

  • Lower your on-premises infrastructure costs by using Azure as a secondary site for conducting business during outages
  • Eliminate datacenter costs altogether by moving to Azure and setting up disaster recovery between Azure regions
  • Pre-assess network, storage, and compute resources needed to replicate applications from on-premises to Azure—and pay only for compute and storage resources needed to run apps in Azure during outages
 Dependable Recovery

Dependable Recovery

  • Backed by a 99.9% Service Level Agreement from Microsoft and 24x7 Support from Interlink
  • Keeps Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) within organizational limits by providing continuous replication
  • Customizes and sequences your failover and recovery of multi-tier applications running on multiple VMs
Ease of Testing

Ease of Testing

  • We perform test failovers without disrupting your production environment
  • We test on a regular basis and during normal work hours

Converting to Interlink's Disaster Recovery Service

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of moving to our Azure Disaster Recovery service. We will work with you to identify the priority of the servers to be replicated to Azure, install the Azure agents on each server, set up the appropriate networking, and begin replicating to Azure.

Contact us to learn more on how our Azure Disaster Recovery Service can help protect your data from a disaster recovery scenario.