Why Interlink?

Empowering our team, clients, and community to create positive impact through innovative technology and exceptional experiences.

How do we do this...

Business Focused

  • Align the interest of the IT provider with the interests of the client. Establish Service Level agreements to ensure that the provider is just as motivated as the client to keep systems up and available. Utilize fixed bid pricing to limit customer surprises and risk.
  • Leverage the best of breed providers to supply the highest caliber of service and assistance to our clients. Ensure that every client receives high quality solutions at the best possible pricing, while minimizing risks.
  • Protect data as the lifeline of the business. Apply proactive IT strategies to ensure that data is continuously protected from small problems like hardware failures; as well as, major disasters.
  • Deliver value from IT - not just keeping the lights on. Access the full capabilities of the available technology.
  • Understand that businesses get value from IT over time. Utilize pay by the usage and monthly pay cloud solutions to achieve extraordinary economic benefits.

Small and Mid-Sized Corporations Realizing Value From Enterprise Functionality

  • Provide small and mid-sized corporations a competitive advantage by allowing them to utilize similar tools that large Enterprises are using.
  • Provide business process reengineering and training so that team members actually use the tools that are being provided.
  • Coach Executives to be able to understand the full capabilities of technology and the positive impact that it can have on their business.
  • Automate the day to day tasking of the environment to ensure that items are managed in a proactive and efficient manner.

Changing World

  • Provide businesses with solutions for securely accessing information, anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device.
  • Assist companies in leveraging the overlaps between company technology and personal technology.
  • Using technology to make effective business decisions by taking advantage of on demand collaboration.