Microsoft Intune Suite

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based solution for streamlined device and app management. It covers both company-owned and personal devices across platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. With features like app management, policy automation, and self-service capabilities, Intune simplifies IT operations. It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft services and follows a Zero Trust security model. Explore Intune to transform your organization’s endpoint management securely and efficiently. Check out some of Intune Suite's new functionality below.

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Enterprise App Management

Simplify app discovery, delivery, and updates

  • Simplified app discovery and catalog 
  • Third party app patching 
  • Prepackage and preconfigure apps
  • Graph API scripting for automated supersedence
  • Advanced update notifications
  • Guided Remediation
  • 100+ apps in catalog today with more on the way
  • Deploy apps similar to mobile apps with all options preconfigured and hosted by Microsoft
  • Reduce Risk or offset cost of PatchMyPC and Ivanti
Enterprise App Mgmt

Cloud KPI

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Create multiple certificate authorities and manage certificate lifecycle in the cloud

  • Fully managed cloud-hosted certificate authority
  • Customize CA settings for organization needs
  • Intune SCEP integrated for easy certificate deployment
  • Allows many organizations to eliminate Active Directory Certificate Services 
  • Solves a key gap with Entra ID-joined devices with wireless/VPN certificate authentication




Remote Help

Secure and easy-to-use, cloud based remote assistance

  • Trusted help desk support for users directly from Intune
  • Role-based access controls and conditional access integration
  • Support for Windows, macOS, and some Android Enterprise devices
  • ServiceNow incident details, annotations, chat, and more.

Coming Soon... 

  • IOS support
  • Broader Android support
  • Remote sessions without user approval
  • Copy/paste within sessions
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Endpoint Privilege Management

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Mitigate systemic risks and vulnerabilities of local admins

  • Automatic, or user-confirmed elevation with justification
  • Insights based on elevation audits 
  • Rules based on organizational requirements + Easy addition or removal of rules
  • Tenant level enablement, per device rollout

Coming soon...

  • Support approved elevation
  • Require MFA for elevation
  • Pre-defined elevation templates

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management

Secure access for mobile users on unenrolled devices

  • App or device-wide VPN 
  • Auto launch
  • Personal account privacy and secure browsing to on-prem resources with Microsoft Edge 
  • Company portal (Android) or no sing-in required (iOS)
  • Certificate auth Support
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Advanced Endpoint Analytics

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Proactively address endpoint performance issues

  • Detect and report tenant and device H/M/L anomalies 
  • Gain near real-time event and signal flags that correlate to anomalous behavior
  • Create granular reports with IT defined scope tags 
  • AI powered device correlation for troubleshooting anomalies
  • Proactively analyze hardware models and track performance
  • Track application performance and reliability 
  • Optimize startup times