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CSP vs EA Licensing

CSP vs. EA

Decide the right choice for your
organization with this comparison chart.

Office 365 Pricing

Covering the different packages that
Microsoft offers in Office 365.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Licensing

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Covering what Microsoft includes in the 365 Enterprise suites - both E3 & E5. Includes pricing.

Combating O365
Application Overload

Short video that offers guidance on which Microsoft products to use in which scenario, along with which tools work best for your end users in each scenario.

Skype for Business

Quick video that explains the different pricing options and plans available.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit Overview

Learn how you can use your on-premises Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance to deploy Azure virtual machines for your workloads, using this benefit.

Windows Server 2016

Standard and Datacenter Editions
Licensing Datasheet