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Achieve more & transform your business with the most secure version of Windows yet.

With new security features, Windows 11 is the most trusted and secure version of Windows to be deployed - enhancing the hybrid work experience and more. Interlink will work with you and your team to implement and deploy Windows 11.  Our experts will dive deep to find the best licensing options for your business and unlock the most secure version of Microsoft Windows technology. 


Windows 11 Features:



  • Simple, modern visuals, with a new Start Menu, and enhanced user experience, including Snap groups, and Snap layouts 
  • All Windows 10 applications transition to Windows 11 without issue. 
  • Enhanced tablet experience enables quicker actions with touch or pen, and a redesigned customizable on-screen keyboard and enhanced inking. 
  • Integrated Voice Typing 
  • Optimized to allow for significantly longer battery life. 
  • Preinstalled Power Automate to help users take advantage of seamless workflows and automate repetitive tasks to help save time 
  • Native support for Windows File Server share access over the internet without need for point-to-site or site-to-site VPN. 


  • Protects against threats by isolating hardware from software with hardware root-of-trust, for powerful security from the start 
  • Delivers robust application security and prevents access to unverified code 
  • Protects user identities with passwordless security using Windows Hello 
  • Extends security to the Cloud to help protect devices, data, apps, and identities from anywhere 
  • Enables Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor-Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI)  
  • Improvements for Windows Hello for Business hybrid deployments and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) USB secure camera support. 
  • Wi-Fi 6E has better support throughout and quicker security response times 
  • Secure Boot, a modern Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and newer Central Processing Units (CPU) are needed to run Windows 11, providing better security right away 


  • Native Teams integration -  for a better hybrid work. Easily chat, call and collaborate all in one place
  • Inclusive video conferencing -  for meetings or individual calling, helping encourage hybrid work
  • Intelligent noise canceling and blur - cancel out background noise for increased engagement and focus
  • Easily present any window from your taskbar
  • Control your mic directly from your taskbar
  • Enhanced keyboard, touch screen and voice features - voice recognition
  • Real-time records of shared documents in the cloud
key quality

Key Quality
Update Improvements

  • Reduced quality update package size: ~40% reduction in LCU size through more efficient packaging and removal of reverse differentials. 
  • Reduced download size to client: Additional reduction in download size to client through granular selection of required update payloads for customers who keep their devices up to date month after month. 
  • Improved installation orchestration: Advances in orchestration of package installation work great in Catalog MSU. If it works in Windows Update, it works in Microsoft Update via common, Unified Update Platform (UUP) technology. 

Windows Licensing


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