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SharePoint gives organizations a way to easily control their costs and reduce risk associated with IT while providing their teams with a simple way to access information and collaborate with one another.

Key Features of SharePoint:

  • Intranet Portals
  • Document & File Management
  • Extranets
  • Social Networks
  • Websites
  • Advanced Search Functionality
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Ways Your Company Can Benefit From SharePoint

  • Collaborate in real-time and manage documents to allow your team to work together seamlessly from any location and from any device
  • Centralize communications across brands, business units, and remote locations with announcements, news feeds, and important policies
  • Utilize features like Co-Authoring and Versioning to allow multiple people to work on the same document at the same time, without the fear of overwriting or losing valuable work
  • Create dynamic forms and workflows to automate complex business logic and processes
  • Reduce inbox clutter with an integrated Yammer feed for conversations
  • Take advantage of the new user-friendly interface or create a custom design to represent your organization's brand
  • Access SharePoint Online from anywhere, even on a mobile device

Why SharePoint?

In a world full of competitors and new companies we often hear our customers ask us “Why SharePoint?” To help answer those questions, we've listed a couple of our favorite standout features of SharePoint:

Microsoft logo It is a Microsoft solution.

This means seamless integration with Microsoft Office, not to mention all of the cool apps available in Office 365 like Delve, Yammer, Video, Sway, Power Apps, Flow, Planner, and more.

  • Ensures your company is on the same page. You can Share and collaborate on documents directly within your project team by utilizing the integrated Office 365 Groups. Invite members as you go while never having to leave your Outlook email.
  • Get rid of the noise in your search results with Delve, which provides search results that are relevant to your personal profile. Delve relies on relationships within your organization to show summarize content that you or others associated with you have worked on recently.
  • Share quarterly meetings, compliance videos, and training videos through the Office 365 Video portal and then integrate them directly into your SharePoint sites.
  • Utilize one login and one location for multiple applications.

secureSharePoint is secure.

SharePoint and OneDrive utilize built in encryption at rest and in motion.

  • Even more protection is available with the addition of rights management (IRM) for your most secure information.
  • Creating new external collaboration spaces has never been easier.
  • Securely create and share entire sites or individual documents with external clients and vendors.

                                       Cloud security

These features are just a few of the things that make SharePoint such a powerful tool. With Microsoft's renewed focus on SharePoint as the foundation to collaboration in Office 365; exciting new features in governance, security, content management and more will continue to be rolled out. This makes SharePoint the ideal foundation to build your collaboration strategy around!

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What Interlink can do for you...

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider with many Gold Competencies, including Cloud Productivity, let us be the driving force in helping you to implement SharePoint into your work culture. Whether you are brand new to SharePoint or have a legacy system to migrate, we can help you plan your SharePoint implementation and user adoption strategy. Below are just a few areas that our team excels in and utilizes to give you the support you need to take full advantage of what SharePoint has to offer.

planning SharePoint Deployment Planning

Not sure where to get started with your new SharePoint site? Need to migrate from a legacy intranet or an older version of SharePoint? Deployment planning services will provide you with:

  • Education on SharePoint functionality – customized to your team's level of experience
  • Assessment of existing environment
  • Site design mockups
  • Migration recommendations
  • Deployment plan custom tailored to your organization's needs
  • The ability to pay for your planning with Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers!

design Design

One of the components of a successful SharePoint implementation is having a design in place that appeals to the end-user. We often hear "We don't want it to look like SharePoint". Whether you are enhancing the out-of-the-box theme or implementing a brand new design, we can provide a designer who can capture the right look for your organization . By applying SharePoint best practices, applying a custom design can be affordable and easy to maintain long term. Success with SharePoint demands high levels of end user adoption and with our expert team of designers we make it happen.

formsForms, Workflow, and Custom Development

SharePoint is so much more than document management. Take your environment to the next level with custom forms and workflows to automate complicated business processes, communicate with your back end business systems and create rich and powerful dashboards! Allow our world class development team to leverage their real world experience and understanding to help you avoid costly mistakes and leverage SharePoint to its maximum potential.

Starter-Templates-iconSharePoint Online Starter Templates

Interlink simplifies your digital workspace and enhances your portal experience with our SharePoint Online Starter Templates packages. To personalize your Office 365 experience in SharePoint Online, choose from our SharePoint Online Intranet Starter Kit or the SharePoint Online Executive Board Site Template.

>> View SharePoint Online Intranet Starter Kit
>> View SharePoint Online Executive Board Site Template


When we help any of our customers deploy SharePoint, we don’t just walk away once the installation and initial processes are accomplished. We take the time to mentor the resources that are critical to the SharePoint deployment and help them every step of the way. We know that adopting new products and services is challenging so we are there to make sure you are able to get the job done the right way.

Interested in learning more about how SharePoint could help your business make better decisions?

Contact us at (513) 444-2020 or hello@interlink.com and see if a SharePoint solution is right for you.