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Modern Device Management

Modern Device Management

Learn about the importance of modern, cloud-based device management and how it can be done more effectively.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Learn how Azure innovates based on Cloud technology and why is crucial to your digital transformation journey by modernizing of your environment.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva

See how this employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice

Get an in-depth overview of Teams Voice capabilities and how your organization can get the most out of it

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Windows 365

Get a comprehensive walk through of common Windows 365 use cases, key design principles, management and security benefit, and more.

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Cybersecurity Insurance

Learn about new requirements we are seeing and discuss options to utilize Microsoft technologies that you may already own to meet those requirements.

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Azure Virtual Desktop

Interlink's experts walk you through common Azure Virtual Desktop use cases, key design principles, and management and security benefits.

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Power Platform 201

Interlink's experts will walk you through how your organization can better understand and leverage your data.

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Microsoft EA vs. CSP

Interlink's licensing experts will walk you through EA vs. CSP and help you navigate and compare both offerings, so your organization knows which is best.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Learn how to how to create a secure environment for your remote workers utilizing identity, device and access management Microsoft-based solutions.

Microsoft Moves & Motions | Powering Digital Transformation In 2021

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Listen to common Windows Virtual Desktop use cases, key design principles, and management and security benefits.

Microsoft Moves & Motions | Powering Digital Transformation In 2021

Microsoft Moves & Motions | Powering Digital Transformation In 2021

Explore the key initiatives and opportunities your organization should consider for your 2021 digital transformation roadmap.

Understanding Microsoft Teams Meeting & Conferencing

Understanding Microsoft Teams Meeting & Conferencing

Get an in-depth overview of Microsoft Teams Meetings and how to get the most out of it.

End to End Compliance with Microsoft 365

Taking Your Information Security to the Next Level

Understand how to implement an in-depth defense strategy for threat protection and manage information security from cloud to on-premise across all your end-user devices.

End to End Compliance with Microsoft 365

End to End Compliance with Microsoft 365

Learn about Microsoft 365 features you may not have known about to make sure your organization keeps their data safe and limits risk.

Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Get a good understanding of Microsoft cloud licensing -- including packaging inclusions, pricing, and transitioning.

Azure 201

Azure 201: Maximize the Value of Azure

Learn the value Azure, its capabilities and how it can improve your business.

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel Overview & Demo

Learn how to simplify your security operations with one simple solution.

Skype to Teams Migration Strategy

Skype to Teams: Developing a Migration Strategy

Get help on developing a migration strategy and answer commonly asked questions around migrating from Skype to Teams.

Security on a Tight Budget

Answer all your questions on saving money while securing your organization with Microsoft's Security & Compliance bundles.

7 Myths of Why You Shouldn't Move to the Cloud

Get the truth through seven popular myths on migrating to the cloud.

Running SQL in Azure

Learn the different options of running SQL in Azure or a hybrid solution and see how to choose the best options in different scenarios.

Modern Collaboration with Teams

Get a good grasp on the capabilities of Teams, how it integrates with other Office 365 workloads, and how it can help with collaboration in your organization.

SQL and Power BI Webinar

SQL & Power BI

Learn your options and solutions for moving your data to the cloud - securely and confidently.

Microsoft Executive Security Briefing Webinar

Microsoft Security Solutions

Finally understand the maze of Microsoft's cybersecurity offerings - many of which you may already own.

Getting Value From
Office 365

Beyond Exchange, see what applications within Office 365 have been designed to help your users be more productive.

Azure Security Center

Learn how you can prevent, detect and respond to threats while delivering increased visibility and control over the security of your resources - whether they reside in Azure, on-premises or in other cloud providers.

Getting Started with Power BI

Get a comprehensive understanding of Power BI and how it allows you to easily compile, organize, and share visual charts and graphs of data.

GDPR: What You Need to Know

Prepare your company for the GDPR privacy regulations that come into effect in May 2018.

Windows 10: Deployment & Licensing

Get an overview of common deployment scenarios and licensing option and understand each of their key capabilities and limitations.

M&A: Combining IT Infrastructures

Get an overview of Interlink’s proven methodology on integrating newly acquired firms, which has been used for hundreds of entities. Includes helpful tips on how to assess acquisition targets.

Microsoft Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)

See how OMS delivers capabilities and capacity beyond any on-premises management solution by combining a holistic view of all your managed resources.

Office 365 E5 - Security & Compliance

See how Office 365's advanced tools can be used to protect your environment and make it more secure to help ensure compliance with outside regulations.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

View the powerful new capabilities of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and how it ensures your critical company data is protected.

Azure Data Center Costs & ROI

We'll show you how to evaluate which workloads you should move, their dependencies, and how to price out workloads for Azure.

O365 Advanced Security & Compliance

Learn how you can take full advantage of the cloud while maintaining control, security and improved visibility of your assests.

Skype for Business Deep Dive

Get answers to all of your questions along with a full overview of the all-new Voice in the Cloud.

Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 E5

Get a good understanding of all of your options around Office 365 - including licensing and renewal.

Protect Your
Intellectual Property

Learn why Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the most cost effective tool set for protecting your company’s valuable intellectual property.

Azure Disaster
Recovery Scenarios

Gain a better understanding of how you can use Microsoft Azure Storage for simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud.

Azure Real World

Walks you through the Azure platform and how you can use it to extend your data center. Includes demo.

O365 Amazing
New Features

Learn how to move beyond the basics of Office 365 and extend the value to your business.

Understanding Microsoft's

Learn to affordably deliver access to apps and data across all devices and keep your business secure.