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Mike Wilson

Air-Gapping Your Data: Why Pay for Microsoft 365 Backups


There is a lot of misconception about the capabilities of Microsoft 365 with regard to data protection.  Many organizations avoid backing up Microsoft 365 data because they assume that Microsoft takes care of that for them.  The reality is that, while Microsoft provides tremendous data protection capabilities, they require configuration and have some important limitations that need a third-party solution to address.

Microsoft 365 data protection capabilities can be divided into three general areas:

1) High availability and redundancy:

Microsoft 365 services are highly redundant.  Exchange Online, for example, uses technology that has been proven out for many years in on-premise scenarios including database availability groups and transport shadow redundancy to ensure that all data is stored in both primary and secondary data centers.  Similarly, Microsoft 365 file storage across SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive are built on Azure georedundant storage.  All data is stored in at least three locations in a primary data center and replicated in three locations in a secondary data center.  While this protection ensures high availability, it does not protect against accidental deletion or allow for recovery from data corruption.

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Rachael Narel

Change Management vs. Project Management: What’s the Difference?


Change Management and Project Management are easily confused, especially when large-scale changes are taking place in an organization.


And while they do overlap in some areas, each has a different focus and priorities. To effectively manage change-oriented projects (so you can, for example, minimize disruption and encourage adoption), it’s important to understand how Change Management and Project Management are similar and how they’re distinct.

Ultimately, the secret is to utilize an integrated approach, strategically aligning change and project managers. However, it can be easy to lock into tunnel vision with the more easily-quantifiable Project Management, over-emphasizing the process side of things and overlooking the people in and around the process itself. Thus, proper implementation of both approaches is crucial. 

Let’s look at the differences between them and how an integrated approach leverages both pieces to move your organization from its current state to your desired state.

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Max Donaldson

Save Money in Azure with Server Subscriptions


Do you have a steady workload that you expect to continuously run?

If so, there are a few options that offer great savings.

In our previous blog, Azure Pricing – How to Get Your Best Deal we discussed how Reserved Instances can help save you money on the compute side. In this article, we will walk through another way to drive down Azure costs for your Windows Server and SQL Server through a new offering called Server Subscriptions (SS).

So, what is a Server Subscription? A Server Subscription is when you subscribe to the use of the Windows Server or SQL Server family of products on a Cloud Solution Provider Agreement (CSP) and have the ability to use that software in Azure through the Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB).

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Sarah Bunt

Microsoft Makes Massive Changes to PowerApps


PowerApps is a low code/no code suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platforms that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.


Using PowerApps, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored either in the underlying data platform (Microsoft Dataverse - formerly Common Data Service) or in various online and on-premises data sources (SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and so on).

Apps built using PowerApps provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business processes to digital, automated processes. In addition, apps built using PowerApps have a responsive design and can run seamlessly in a browser or on mobile devices (phone or tablet). PowerApps "democratizes" the custom business app building experience by enabling users to build feature-rich, custom business apps without writing code.

PowerApps also provides an extensible platform that lets pro developers programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, create custom connectors, and integrate with external data.

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Matt Scherocman

Microsoft PowerApps: Quickly Build Custom Business Apps

Microsoft PowerApps: Quickly Build Custom Business Apps

Office 365 can be an incredibly powerful tool. However, there are times when more automation is needed than comes out of the box. Whether it is the need to automate a workflow, simplify a process, or just have an easy-to-use application, Microsoft PowerApps looks to fill this gap by allowing organizations to easily create their own solutions which can include Office 365, third-party, and homegrown applications. So, what is PowerApps and how easy is it to use within an organization?

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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.