Why You Should Consider Azure VMware Solution Now

In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, businesses are constantly seeking the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their needs. One such solution that has been gaining traction is Microsoft Azure, particularly for businesses that are already using VMware.

Azure VMware Solution: A Seamless Transition

Microsoft Azure offers Azure VMware Solution (AVS), a service designed to enable customers to seamlessly extend or migrate their existing on-premises VMware applications to Azure. This service allows businesses to maintain their existing VMware skills and operational processes while leveraging Azure’s cloud services to modernize their applications.

Azure VMware Solution provides a consistent operating model that should increase business agility and resiliency, reduce costs, and enable a native developer experience for all types of applications1. It also offers built-in security and compliance, with Microsoft committing to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years.

Amazon Web Services and VMware: A Shift in the Landscape
Recently, there has been a significant shift in the landscape of cloud solutions for VMware. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its channel partners will no longer be resellers of VMware Cloud on AWS. This change was brought about by Broadcom, which now requires joint customers to buy the offering directly from VMware by Broadcom45.

This development has led to speculation about the future of VMware Cloud on AWS45. Some believe that this move by Broadcom could signal a phasing out of the product4. In response to this change, AWS has been encouraging its customers to migrate VMware VMs to Amazon EC24.

Why Choose Azure for VMware?
In light of these recent developments, Microsoft Azure emerges as a compelling option for VMware users. Azure VMware Solution offers a direct path for businesses to extend or migrate their VMware environments to Azure123. This service is designed, built, and supported by Microsoft, offering a consistent experience, reliability, and direct access to Azure innovation.

Moreover, Azure VMware Solution is a first-party service from Microsoft, meaning that Microsoft directly owns, operates, and supports it2. This provides customers with a single point of contact for all their needs, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth transition. In addition, Microsoft has locked in pricing with VMware for the next four years to minimize pricing risk.

In conclusion, for businesses seeking a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their VMware needs, Microsoft Azure presents a viable and compelling option. With Azure VMware Solution, businesses can leverage the power of Azure while maintaining their existing VMware infrastructure and processes.

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