Choosing the Right Cloud Solution Provider for Your Business

A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a partner that helps you purchase, manage, and support your Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Intune, and more. There are many CSPs in the market, but not all of them offer the same level of service, expertise, and value. But how do you choose the right cloud solution provider (CSP) for your business? 

Here are some questions that you should ask when evaluating potential Microsoft CSP providers, and how Interlink stacks up against the competition. 

  1. When you call Support from your license provider what happens?  
  2. When you call Support from Microsoft- how do you get it? 
  3. Does the provider offer a Service Level Agreement on their Support desk? 
  4. How do you get advice about Microsoft licensing to ensure that things are being licensed correctly and efficiently? 
  5. When you have a billing question, where can you go?  
  6. Is your provider endorsed by Microsoft for the services that you are purchasing? 
  7. Is your provider actively managed by Microsoft? 

Take a deeper dive into these questions and potential answers that span Good, Better, Best response options to gauge the effectiveness of a CSP and the range of possible answers. Interlink designed our CSP offering to be more than just a license provider to our clients.  

Interlink offers: 

  • A team of Microsoft Certified Professionals for Microsoft Licensing on staff 
  • Transparent and detailed billing information and flexible payment options  
  • 24x/7x/365 support from our in-house team of certified experts 
  • A strong and long-standing relationship with Microsoft 
  • An SLA on our support desk that outlines our commitment to service excellence and response time 
  • A dedicated account manager at Microsoft who helps us access exclusive benefits and resources 

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced, and trusted CSP for your business, you should consider Interlink Cloud Advisors as your partner. Let us help you derive more value from your Microsoft technology investments. We’ll review your current licensing situation, discuss your cloud strategy and goals, and design a customized CSP solution that fits your budget and requirements. 

Contact us today to get started!