ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Skype to Teams: Developing a Migration Strategy

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Skype to Teams: Developing a Migration Strategy

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Ready or Not - Microsoft Teams is taking over!
Do You Have a Plan?

There’s a major shift coming up for companies using Skype for Business, and whether they’re ready or not, Microsoft Teams will be taking over. There has been a lot of improvement since Teams first rolled out, and Microsoft announced they would be phasing out Skype. The roadmap for this integration is complete, and Teams is now the go-to solution for collaboration services. However, we know that with this big shift companies will inevitably have questions and concerns.

Upgrading from Skype for Business is more than just a technical migration – it will be a transformation in how your users communicate, and change is not always easy. It's time to start planning your path to Teams today – Microsoft recommends upgrading quickly as possible to optimize your benefits and ease the transition. 

To help you develop a migration strategy and to answer commonly asked questions, Interlink is providing you with an on-demand webinar that you can watch at your own convenience.

After viewing the webinar and slides, you will have a good understanding of:

  • Why Teams is Replacing Skype 
  • The Future of Skype
  • How to Develop a Teams Migration Strategy
  • What Happens Post-Migration

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Matt Scherocman
President | Interlink Cloud Advisors

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Mike Wilson
VP & Managing Consultant | Interlink Cloud Advisors

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Senior Consultant, Interlink Cloud Advisors

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