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On-Demand Webinar | Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing


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Microsoft licensing confuses many businesses...

Often, this lack of understanding causes organizations to license more products than necessary and/or buy the wrong licensing, resulting in unnecessary spending.

In this exclusive on-demand webinar, Interlink's Microsoft licensing gurus demystify the confusion around Microsoft Licensing. View today, and get a good overview of Modern Workplace Offerings - including Office 365, Windows, Security, Compliance, and more.

Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing video play

After viewing this event, you will have a good understanding of:

  • Most frequent licensing mistakes
  • Office 365 - Modern Workplace Options
    • Overview / Branding
    • Office 365
    • Enterprise Mobility Suite
    • New "Microsoft" product branding
    • New Firstline "F" Plan Offerings
    • New Compliance Offerings
    • Teams Voice Licensing
    • Windows 10
    • Power Platform - Power Apps and Power Automate
  • CSP Licensing versus Enterprise  Agreements - Pros/Cons

This is one webinar you'll want to watch. View this webinar and slide deck today.

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Matt Scherocman

Certified Licensing Expert
Interlink Cloud Advisors

Sarah Bunt

Certified Licensing Expert
Interlink Cloud Advisors

Max Donaldson 

Certified Licensing Expert
Interlink Cloud Advisors


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