Are you near the end of the migration journey?

Have all your mailboxes been successfully transferred to Exchange Online?

Customers will often want to turn off the Exchange mailboxes servers but sometimes debate if they should keep the Hybrid Exchange Server in place or not. Interlink typically recommends keeping the Hybrid Exchange Server in place becasue there are more pros than cons. We have outlind those below:

5 Pros to Keeping a Hybrid Exchange Server:

1) More Centralized & Easier to Manage

2) Comes with the License – No Additional Cost

If the following conditions apply you can request an Exchange Hybrid Server product key, with no additional costs:

3) SMTP Requirements

4) Mailbox Administration

5) Additional Functionality

3 Cons to Keeping a Hybrid Exchange Server:

1) Windows Licensing

The Windows Server License would need to be licensed to run the Exchange Hybrid workload. The Exchange Hybrid Server can be co-located with the Azure AD Connect Server and / or hosted on a box that included Windows Server Data Center Licensing.

2) Certificates:

The organization would need to manage the certificates needed for the Hybrid Server.

3) Server Management:

Just one more server that the organization needs to patch and manage.

For further questions or if you need guidance after the migration process, get in contact us today and talk to one of our experts to lead you in the right direction.