The Future of Microsoft SharePoint

The Future of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint started out as a collaboration tool designed to help with team sites, and it has come a long way. The evolution of SharePoint includes management layers along with customizable features, and is now focusing on taking things to the cloud for the next generation of business productivity tools. As technology continues to evolve, so do the needs of the modern business. Microsoft is using tools like SharePoint to continue to provide solutions for its enterprise clients.

SharePoint in the Cloud

The cloud is the next level of business productivity. The core areas of SharePoint, experiences, management, and extensibility are evolving in Office 365; as well as other Microsoft Office products, are taken to a new level in the cloud. Many organizations still run much, if not all, of their SharePoint on-premises. Microsoft is making significant investments in a Hybrid SharePoint solution. That’s why with this latest release of SharePoint, security has been at the forefront so that organizations can take advantage of cloud innovation on their terms.

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 So, what about Security?

While the cloud is a great tool for business, it often brings about security concerns. SharePoint is being designed for the next generation with the best security features to date, including hybrid security, onsite stability, and more. The goal, according to Microsoft, is to allow businesses to utilize the cloud when and how they want.

New Features in SharePoint

The newest cloud-ready version of SharePoint includes a variety of additional features and experiences not found in previous versions. The focus is on collaboration and mobility for intelligent business operation. Some of the features and experiences that have been improved include:

  • Delve: The new search feature that allows users to discover information across platforms and that personalizes content based on use history.
  • Portals: Out-of-the-box solutions that don’t need built and customized. These mobile, intelligent, next-gen portals are focused on the future of business.
  • Files: Easy file sharing, syncing, and storage with secure features in place to protect information.
  • Improved Team Sites: Bringing together teams across the enterprise with even more content and collaboration capabilities – messaging, presence, tasks and more.
  • Improved BI (business intelligence) tools and programs: an analytical platform that can be up and running in minutes and lives in the familiar view that is Excel.
  • Social: innovations that offer an immersive experience rather than a one-way communication like the traditional newsfeed.

With these innovations and changes coming from Microsoft for SharePoint, the future of business collaboration is now. For more information on how SharePoint can be a part of your organizations business strategy going forward, give us a call at 1.800.900.1150 or email us at 

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