Get the same Security and Compliance Tools but Avoid Paying the Full Microsoft 365 Enterprise Price!

Does your organization have security and compliance needs, but you aren’t ready to pay for everything in the Microsoft 365 E5 Suite? 

This past February, Microsoft added new advanced security and compliance offering bundles to their price list. These packages are great for businesses who are not yet ready to use or to pay for the highest-end Microsoft365 E5 bundle – which runs at $57 per user. The new Identity & Threat Protection and Information Protection & Compliance offerings are designed to provide customers with a bundle of solid functionality without breaking the bank. These new bundles give customers a smaller set of features at a smaller cost. If your business is not quite ready to make the leap to a larger bundle, these new security and compliance bundles may be the right choice; get the features you need without paying more for other features you won’t use right now.

Microsoft is not removing any of the security or compliance features currently included in Microsoft 365 E5 bundle. Instead, the new bundles will be offered to upgrade the current Microsoft 365 E3 plan. For reference to get a full look and compare pricing and features, take a look at Interlink’s M365 Cheat Sheet.

Microsoft Security and Compliance Licensing Bundle Options

Deep Dive into the New Bundles

Identity & Threat Protection ($12 per User)
This new package brings together security value across Office 365, Windows 10, and EMS in a single offering. It includes best of breed for advanced threat protection services including:

Information Protection & Compliance ($10 per User)
This new package combines Office 365 Advanced Compliance and Azure Information Protection. It’s designed to help compliance and IT teams perform ongoing risk assessments across Microsoft Cloud services, automatically protect and govern sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, and efficiently respond to regulatory requests leveraging intelligence. This includes:

Advanced Threat Protection P2 ($5 per User)
This package includes:

All of the functionality remains available as part of the full Additionally, customers can continue to purchase almost any of these components on a standalone basis.

Security and compliance are some of the highest organizational priorities right now and these new offerings aim to help organizations achieve their security and compliance goals. Check out our cheat sheet for a complete overview of the Microsoft 365 pricing, and look at the licensing bundles laid out side by side. If you have further questions on the new bundles, licensing or Microsoft 365 contact us today; our consultants and account managers have a lot of expertise in this area and can help your organization look into the best option that meets your needs and your budget. 

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