Microsoft Teams | Improve Productivity & Enhance Communication (with Infographic)

Microsoft Teams | Improve Productivity & Enhance Communication (with Infographic)

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

That’s what it comes down to in today’s hectic working environment with more mobile workers and remote teams. You need to get more done and you have less time in which to do it. Increasingly, you need the cooperation and input from fellow employees who could be located anywhere in the world. Getting together can be difficult in a tangled environment of disparate applications, platforms, and communication options.

Microsoft simplifies the chaos with Microsoft Teams, the collaboration solution that consolidates applications and communications in one place. Teams makes it easy to:

  • Connect via voice, video, or chat with any device from anywhere.
  • Communicate in meetings, web conferences, group huddles, and individual chats. Use channels to focus conversation into specific topics for better knowledge management.
  • Collaborate virtually or face-to-face and enhance productivity with the tools you use every day including Office 365, Twitter, Evernote, Salesforce and others. Upload and share files with your team or meeting attendees, edit and adapt on the fly, and accomplish more in less time.

Solving business problems can be hard enough without being able to access the data and expertise you need. Every department in your organization faces the same dilemma when trying to optimize communication and collaboration among team members. Break down workplace silos and get things done faster with Teams, the streamlined collaboration environment that drives productivity and enhances communication.

Are you ready to connect on a central hub for teamwork?

Interlink offers multiple ways to help prepare your organization for Teams, including our Microsoft Teams Workshop & Implementation offer.

For more on how Microsoft Teams can help your business be more successful, check out Interlink Cloud Advisors infographic Why Microsoft Teams is the Perfect Hub for Teamwork below:

Teams Infographic 2018

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