Microsoft Roadmap Updates from Ignite 2019

Microsoft Roadmap Updates from Ignite 2019

A Summary of Microsoft Roadmap Updates from Microsoft’s Ignite 2019!

Microsoft has been busy! At Microsoft’s 2019 Ignite conference, attendees learned about numerous updates to what the company has been doing, along with new/improved tools and technologies. The main focus is at the conference was Azure, including improving Azure Infrastructure, revamping Azure Apps, accelerating Azure Data & AI, and integrating Azure IoT. Improvements also included Microsoft Power Automate & Power Virtual Agents allowing for automated flows and AI-driven solutions.

Microsoft 365 also has numerous updates and additional abilities. Most are focused on the ability to gain applicable knowledge easily, improve core productivity, and provide more developer tools. Security has also been a top priority.

Watch the keynote highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2019

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To get a full overview of Microsoft Roadmap updates from Ignite 2019 - check out the Book of News. This guide provides a summary of both released and upcoming Microsoft feature release.

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