Microsoft Intune – Cloud-based Mobility Management

Microsoft Intune – Cloud-based Mobility Management

 When it comes to Mobile Device Management (MDM), or Mobile Application Management (MAM) there are options every way you turn. It seems that every major company in the cloud industry has their own offering. It can get very confusing to determine what is different between each product and how to choose the right one for an organization. Specifically, what makes Microsoft’s Intune stand out amid the sea of mobile device management offerings?  

MIcrosoft Intune

Native Integration with the Microsoft Suite of Products         

In a bring your own device (BYOD) environment it is crucial to be as least intrusive as possible. No employee wants there to be the possibility that their personal device will be wiped, and with Microsoft Intune’s integration with the Microsoft suite of products, this is able to be done. Unlike with other MDM solutions, Intune protects data at the app level instead of across the whole device.

  • Protects data within the secured managed applications such as the Office Suite with the ability to wipe or revoke access to data stored specifically within those applications
  • Prevents copy and pasting outside of managed applications
  • Prohibits the ability to save organization data locally in unsecured locations
  • Supported across Outlook, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Dynamics, Yammer, Azure IP Viewer, and Azure

Enterprise Grade Security on The Go 

When deploying a mobile device management solution, it is imperative that security be an important piece of the platform. With Intune, you are getting the same enterprise grade security that you see across the Microsoft platform.

  • Self-service company portal for enrolling own devices and installing applications
  • Deployment of certificates, Wi-Fi, VPN, and email profiles onto enrolled devices
  • Ability to reset passcodes, lock devices, encrypt data, or even fully wipe a device to protect corporate data located on mobile devices
  • Prevent non-compliant devices from enrolling with policies set by your system administrators
  • Set app-level policies to restrict access to company documents and data independent of a mobile device management solution
  • Support and securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices from a unified mobile solution

Mobile App Management

Mobile App Management (MAM) can provision and control access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings on both company-provided and ‘bring your own’ smartphones and tablet computers.

  • Publishing mobile apps to employees
  • Configuring apps
  • Controlling how corporate data is used and shared in mobile apps
  • Removing corporate data from mobile apps
  • Updating mobile apps
  • Reporting on mobile app inventory
  • Tracking mobile app usages.

Mobile Device Management for Office 365 Users

If your organization is already invested in Office 365 then look no further than Microsoft Intune for mobile device management. Although there are lots of various products out on the market for MDM, no one knows how to build integration around the Microsoft suite better than Microsoft themselves and it shows with the seamless integration of Intune with platforms such as Azure and the Office 365 suite.

Get Started with Microsoft Intune

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