Microsoft Flow: Create and Manage Automated Workflows Between Your Apps and Services

Microsoft Flow: Create and Manage Automated Workflows Between Your Apps and Services

Microsoft turns the growing SaaS landscape into opportunity with Microsoft Flow - a free, simple to use way to connect the apps and services organizations rely on the most. This new automation tool extracts the full value of an organization’s applications and services by connecting them with the routine tasks and processes they use. The result is a fully automated and completely customizable workflow that runs in the background.

Microsoft Flow offers an automated workflow solution in just a few steps. With new additions every week, Microsoft Flow currently connects to over 30 applications and services, including Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google.  Microsoft continues to expand this list regularly.

Microsoft Flow Offers Easy Integration for Simple and Complex Tasks

In just a few clicks, Microsoft Flow can integrate applications and services with nearly any user defined task. And, Microsoft offers over 100 prebuilt Flow templates to get an automated workflow up and running fast. Building more complex automated workflows is just as simple with Microsoft’s easy to use visual Flow editor. Users identify the tasks and processes they wish to automate, connect to the required services and applications, and Microsoft Flow does the rest.

Here are some examples: 

  • Create Wunderlist tasks for important emails
  • Save Tweets that include a specific hashtag to a SharePoint list for review
  • Get daily reminders in email
  • Automatically translate foreign language emails
  • Copy events from a Google calendar to a 365 calendar

This new automation tool is free and open to anyone with work, school, or personal Microsoft accounts. Sign up today to automate your workflow and accomplish more in the same amount of time.  

Build a Flow today.  

Interlink can help you determine which scenarios would make the most sense for your situation. 
Please contact us today for assistance! 


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