Introducing Microsoft StaffHub: A New App to Manage the Work Life of Deskless Workers

Introducing Microsoft StaffHub: A New App to Manage the Work Life of Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are truly the unsung heroes of the workforce, and for many industries such as retail, food service, manufacturing and hospitality these hundreds of millions of workers are a company’s backbone, interacting with customers and making things happen. Although they are incredibly critical to the success of business, these deskless workers frequently don’t have the dedicated workspaces or proper applications they need to stay connected with management and each other.

This severely limits the transmission of information between these deskless teams. Even worse, it makes deskless workers and their supervisors rely on slow, limiting, inefficient paper processes to perform simple tasks.

Microsoft has updated its StaffHub app with a couple of new features that make managing work shifts even easier. StaffHub is Microsoft’s new Office 365 service that lets businesses manage schedules remotely.  Employees of a business can also use the app to see what their shifts are, swap their shifts or even communicate with each other right from the app.  Employers and employees can also:

  • Creating and modifying schedules with features like “copy last schedule”
  • Swapping shifts and sending alerts
  • Distributing new information to employees like policy updates, manuals, and guidelines
  • Setting up meetings between deskless workers
  • Notes can be used to remind staff about new product lines and special offers.
  • Employees can quickly message each other arranging breaks, letting each other know about regular customers or let them know they are running late.

This is especially frustrating when these employees frequently have powerful smartphones in their pockets and purses. Microsoft has eliminated these issues and changed the way deskless workers communicate and manage their life at work with Microsoft StaffHub.

MIcrosoft StaffHub

What Microsoft StaffHub Can Do

StaffHub makes it easy for managers to create, update and edit shift schedules for their team, streamlining what has been a labor-intensive process. In this interface, colleagues can see an overview of their upcoming shifts, resolve scheduling conflicts and all requests to alter the schedule go straight to the manager who can respond immediately via the app. Microsoft added more crucial features which include:

  • Customize StaffHub notifications by visiting “Settings” in the left menu. You can now easily change your shift reminder and when you receive notifications.
  • Employers can send videos, news and documents to individuals or groups.
  • Catch up on the latest conversation quickly with “Jump to last unread” and new messages indicators.

Microsoft StaffHub mobile

With Microsoft StaffHub, the back-and-forth phone calls, text messages, and email change requests can be eliminated, and managers of deskless teams can interact in real time - making sure schedules, information, and meeting times are all up to date. Anything shared between deskless workers is readily available by the entire team, significantly reducing the time it takes to get everyone working with the same information.

StaffHub is available in 15 languages, including all the major Romance languages and Chinese. It’s available as part of the Office 365 K1, E1, E3 and E5 plans(including the “education” version of these plans). StaffHub runs on the web and under iOS and Android. Each individual using it must have an Office 365 account.

Contact Interlink today to learn how your deskless workers can start becoming more productive with Microsoft StaffHub.


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