Interlink Earns Two New Microsoft Teams Advanced Specializations


Cincinnati Tech Consulting Firm Differentiates Its Expertise and Experience Through Two New Microsoft Teams Advanced Specializations 

Cincinnati, OH – July 9, 2021 – Interlink Cloud Advisors, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies, announces today that it has earned Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialization, as well as Calling for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialization.  These Advanced Specializations represent the primary way that Microsoft is certifying that partners are fully prepared to deliver these solutions for customers.  

Meetings and Meeting Rooms in Microsoft Teams can generate business value by fostering a human connection and increasing collaboration between employees. Calling in Teams services also provides a more seamless and unified communication and collaboration experience, which increases partners’ productivity and saves them time and money. 

Interlink is one of the few Microsoft partners in the world to meet the technical criteria and requirements to gain these Advanced Specializations. Microsoft Teams is the tool, for many organizations, that facilitates a level of collaboration and engagement on par with face-to-face meetings. These Advanced Specializations differentiates Interlink as a partner who has proven their ability to deploy and manage Microsoft Teams services and solutions at a level of excellence for their customers. 

Teams Calling represents the next step in collaboration. “Customers are utilizing Teams in new ways to communicate and collaborate.  Full integration of telephony is the next logical step,” says Mike Wilson, Interlink’s CTO.  

“By gaining these Advanced Specializations, Interlink is able to showcase its expertise and experience in Microsoft Teams,” said Matt Scherocman, Interlink’s CEO. “We have the proven track record and knowledge to help our customers adopt and utilize Microsoft Teams. Collaboration and productivity of end-users will save an organization both time and money when they start to realize the full value of Teams in their environment.” 

About Interlink Cloud Advisors

Interlink is a premier Microsoft Cloud consulting company based in Cincinnati, OH that delivers professional technology solutions and managed services. The company focuses on helping organizations derive more value from technology investments in Microsoft Cloud technologies, such as Office 365 and Azure. Interlink is able to help by guiding and providing the resources for organizations to demonstrate their ability to meet customers’ evolving needs during such a remote-focused time. 

So organizations can experience the full value and vision of Microsoft Teams in their specific environment, Interlink offers a Calling in Teams Workshop and a Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop. For more information about this workshop or to discuss any other Microsoft needs, visit www.interlink.com