Empower Your Firstline Workers with Microsoft’s F1 M365 Offering

Empower Your Firstline Workers with Microsoft’s F1 M365 Offering

Today’s businesses are ever more dependent on their Firstline workers. A Firstline worker is someone whose main job is focused on creating or delivering a company’s product. This could be workers who interface directly with a customer or those employees building your product on the manufacturing floor. These Firstline workers frequently have been under resourced with technology. Many companies find it difficult to justify paying the same price for software subscriptions for a Firstline worker versus a traditional knowledge worker, when Firstline workers spend very little time in front of a computer. Microsoft recognized this challenge and began offering Kiosk plans. Those plans first evolved into the F1 plans and now Microsoft includes the F1 plan into their brand-new Microsoft 365 (M365) F1 bundle. The M365 F1 offering includes three major pillars – Office 365 functionality; a scaled down version of the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite; and Windows 10. Microsoft has priced this product aggressively, which is less than a third of the cost of the regular Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 plans, while offering all the features and security your Firstline worker needs to be successful.

With the above in mind, when working within an environment where employees are already, or may soon start using M365 E3 or E5 licensing choices, and the Firstline employees within your business need more productivity capability or collaborative tools, the M365 F1 license is the perfect add on compliment. It gives your Firstline workers a very comparable and familiar selection of apps and security features to keep them connected, secure and productive.

Your Firstline workers can accomplish their duties more effectively by using Microsoft’s robust toolset included in their F1 M365 offering. One of the many applications included is for workday management through StaffHub, which enables more effective information sharing and smarter schedule management. Your workers can also get 2GB business class email space through a rich Outlook browser experience paired with a 2GB OneDrive for Business storage account. In addition, Firstline employee can utilize applications including Teams, Skype for Business, and Yammer, which further enable real-time communication through virtual presence anywhere, anytime. Also included is the best productivity suite around - Office Online, which features Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel apps built into a browser portal. The suite is further empowered with Microsoft’s creative collaboration apps, which include Sway, Stream, Flow, and PowerApps.

Key Metrics for M365 F1:

M365 F1 Accomplishes:

Fosters Culture & Community within the workplace by giving more decision-making power to the Firstline workers through visibility of more strategic goals of the company.

  • Exchange, Skype Meeting Broadcast, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint
  • Broadcast interactive town hall meetings
  • Keep everyone working together with teams
  • Share best practices utilizing social technologies

Minimizes costs and reduces risks associated with the challenge of connecting employees and their devices securely to core business systems.

  • Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows Hello, Credential Guard, Intune, Windows Defender AV, Windows Defender App Control, Windows Information Protection w/BitLocker, Windows Analytics Device Health - Windows 10 S devices and give IT an easier to manage overall hardware solution
  • Helps achieve GDPR compliance
  • Streamline management across devices, including kiosks and signage
  • Secure Firstline employee access to corporate apps with identity-driven protection

Digitizes business operation between employee and customer as well as employee and vendor, no more paper needed, all in the cloud with M365.

  • MSFT StaffHub, PowerApps and Flow, Windows AutoPilot
  • Automate everyday activities and workflows
  • Optimize resource allocation using IoT-based signals
  • Communicate items like HR information, safety regulations, and updated workplace rules in a central location

Encourages employee training with intuitive education processes that give employees the chance to challenge themselves and work within their respective teams with more confidence.

  • SharePoint, Microsoft Stream, Yammer 
  • Distribute onboarding materials and training to any device
  • Share dynamic, role-based content and video
  • Enable employees to find and build on the work of others

Delivers real-time expertise for your customers through live access to business data and processes on mobile phones and tablets giving the mobile worker’s toolset the same power as the home office.

  • Connect across remote sites on any supported device
  • Crowdsource new ideas and solutions

Microsoft 365 F1 - What's Included

Micosoft 365 F1 whats included chart

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If you would like to learn more about your options as you consider your cloud purchase for your Firstline workers, we’d love to help and show you how to get the most out of Microsoft licensing. Message or call us at 800-900-1150. 

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