Cybersecurity: Roadmap to a Secure Environment

Cybersecurity: Roadmap to a Secure Environment

With an everchanging threat environment, organizations are struggling to keep up and protect their data and organization from security attacks. Learn how to stay ahead of attacks and start creating a more secure environment!

In a world with constantly changing threats, securing your information and organization can be challenging. Understanding where your organization’s security is and where you want it to be is crucial. Specific environment needs, along with the sensitivity of data, can vary tremendously from organization to organization. This article addresses how to understand your security landscape and steps to improve moving forward!

Ad Hoc Is No Longer Adequate for Effective Cybersecurity Protection

A common strategy used by security teams is to address threats and attacks on an ad hoc basis. While this may have worked in the past, organizations can no longer wait until an attack or threat happens to respond. Being proactive by staying ahead of attackers and phishing schemes is now vital for an organization’s security plan. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that a ransomware attack is made on a business every 14 seconds!

If organizations don’t proactively prepare their security efforts, they may even fall victim to a ransomware attack. These attacks target companies of all industries and sizes. Once an attack has occurred, the damage to a company’s reputation has already been done. Paying a hacker’s ransom is only one of the costs that consumers incur in an attack. Other costs frequently include interruption to business, hiring IT experts, providing additional defenses, and removing remaining hackers from the environment. View this 10 Question Security Quiz that Interlink uses to identify how secure you currently are and solutions and improvements you can take! You can also learn the truth about ransomware attacks from our downloadable infographic.

Creating a Security Roadmap  

The first step to creating a secure environment is creating a plan to get there. With such a complex environment it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few of the major topics that we believe organizations should be thinking through:

  • Identity & Access Management
    • Protecting users’ identities & control access to valuable resources based on user risk level.
  • Threat Protection
    • Protecting against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked, it is no longer a question of “if”.
  • Information Protection
    • Ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people.
  • Security Management
    • Gain visibility and control over security tools being used.

Once organizations become aware of where they currently are, where they want to be, and what they need to do to get there – they are well on their way. However, there are still many factors to consider when it comes to cybersecurity.

Steps to Take on the Way to Security

Identifying specific security needs - from executives to production workers and partners - is vital. Workshops and training to create an understanding of secure practices and expectations allow an organization to be unified. Continuous innovation and education are also necessary.

Creating measurements of success and checkpoints along the way helps to keep your organization on track. Understanding all the complex security issues and possible solutions can be daunting. Interlink helps dozens of environments utilize best practices every single day. Most organizations don’t act until it is too late.

Start a conversation today to create a Roadmap to security for your specific needs!

Integration of Microsoft’s Security Solutions:

There are countless security software solutions and technologies out there. Many of them work well and do their job, however, most of them are isolated to their singular function. Microsoft’s Security Solutions talk to each other and contribute to an integrated, secure solution. These products work together and can take automatic actions to remediate or fix a problem – without breaking the budget. Take advantage of Microsoft Defender for Cloud, O365 Security, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and much more to help secure your environment in a cost-efficient and effective way!

Similarly, Managed Security Services is a combination of advanced security products, automated responses to specific threats, and human intelligence. Interlink customizes our approach to your business’s specific environment. With Interlink’s Security Managed Services offer, you will be placing your security needs in the right hands; our security desk is not only personable but experienced, dedicated and configurable for your organization’s needs. Our approach is multi-faceted including prevention, monitoring, detection, and response – 24x7.

To learn more about specific services, from Email Protection to Automated Responses to Security Threats, visit our page here!

How can Interlink Help?  

Interlink is here to guide and assist you regardless of what security measures or plan your organization currently has. Please reach out to us for more information on what security looks like with your specific environment and needs! Your security plan is crucial to current and future success in your organization. We work hard to make sure our clients know exactly what they are getting and how to get the most from their security investments.

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