Conditional Access: Important Baseline Announcement

Conditional Access: Important Baseline Announcement

Make sure your organization is ready for changes to Conditional Access Baseline Protections!

Recently, Microsoft announced an update to Conditional Access policies regarding security. Read to learn what will be replacing Security Defaults, and how to turn it on!

Baseline Protections Update  

Microsoft currently has Baseline Protection Policies in place with Conditional Access in order to protect organizational accounts. Baseline Protections will stop being enforced on February 29th, 2020 and be replaced with Security Defaults. Security Defaults are a set of basic identity security mechanisms recommended by Microsoft. New tenants will automatically have these enabled, but existing tenants will require action. When enabled, these recommendations will automatically be enforced in your organization. Administrators and users will be better protected from common identity-related attacks – but you must be sure to enable these features! View the Microsoft announcement Introducing Security Defaults, which explain this.

If you are currently using Conditional Access and want to set up the equivalent policies in place of baseline, contact us today!

MFA, Conditional Access, and the Different Plans?  

To learn more about MFA and Conditional Access, check out our blog Multi-Factor Authentication & Conditional Access. The article explains what they are and how utilizing these tools can benefit your organization. You can also read our blog Azure Active Directory: Finding the Best Plan to learn more about the free and different paid Azure AD Plans available.

How can Interlink Help?  

Interlink is here to guide and assist you regardless of what Microsoft licensing, subscription, or plan your organization currently has. Please reach out to us for more information on Microsoft updates, and how added security measures can optimize your organization specifically! Your security plan is crucial to success in your organization. We work hard to make sure our clients know exactly what they are getting, and how to get the most from their investments.

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