Webinar | Starting Simple: Power Platform in Action

As your business feels the pressure of a tightening economy, it’s becoming increasingly important to do more with less, so you can continue to grow and stay ahead of your competition. Microsoft’s Power Platform, which lets you create custom apps, is a powerful tool for driving business value with minimal or no investment. But due to perceived complexity, many teams are reluctant to maximize – or even leverage – Power Platform.  

That’s why we here at Interlink are making it our mission to show you how simple the Power Platform can be, and how it can potentially add huge ROI to your business.  

You are invited to attend our upcoming live webinar, Starting Simple: Power Platform in Action, where we will show attendees that Power Platform isn’t actually scary! We will walk you through basic use cases, how to get started, and strategies to help you achieve high-impact ROI. 

If you want to optimize your Microsoft tools so you can do more with less, this webinar is for you! You’ll walk away with the knowledge of: 

  • Where to start with a Power Platform strategy 
  • Security impact vs. ROI 
  • Zero-trust security and the Power Platform 
  • And much more! 

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