Microsoft Viva Topics

What is the Viva Suite?  

Microsoft Viva is a solution for empowering employees and strengthening your business from within. Viva helps increase engagement for managers and employees and uses AI to create efficient workflows in a business. Conveniently located in Microsoft Teams, Viva is a growing platform that already has 6 different modules, each with a different functionality to foster connection, insights, learning and more. Interlink is releasing a blog series surrounding Microsoft Viva. To continue learning the advantages of Viva, subscribe to our blog or follow us on LinkedIn. The current focus of this blog is helping strengthen companies’ knowledge and Expertise through Viva Topics. 

What is Viva Topics?  

Looking for a way to educate new hires without answering every question? What if there was a way to organize data and find common themes, topics and verbiage within your organization? With Microsoft Viva Topics you can implement AI to recognize the various verbiage that your organization is using and organize it into Topic Pages, Topic Cards and more. Employees can readily find relevant information, organize data and use artificial intelligence (AI) to help speed up the process of distinguishing common themes to better understand their line of work. 

With Viva Topics you can: 

  • Make relevant information easy to discover and utilize 
  • Create topic pages, cards and pull relevant information for users 
  • Allow users, contributors, managers or administrators to help identify and recommend topics 
  • Enable your organization’s experts to share and refine knowledge through curated topic pages automatically generated and updated by AI 


Above is an example of a Topic. Topic cards are an excellent feature to show information across Microsoft Platforms like Teams. It can be as simple as hovering a mouse over a highlighted word. The topic card then displays a description and quickly educates the reader on the subject, providing expert resources within the organization and any possible related files that can help. 

Without clear learning structures, information can get thrown around with no direction. Topics uses AI to recognize similarities within your company's communication and can notify users as it identifies and defines commonalities. To view Viva Topics in action, check out this video: Microsoft Viva Topics. 

Providing employees with a space to share their ideas and knowledge helps create a community of inclusion. Viva Topics is a great aspect of the Viva Suite that allows employees to share their expertise. Contact Interlink Cloud Advisors to learn how you can get started with Viva Topics. 

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