Microsoft Viva: Strengthening Companies’ Employees & Their Experience

Microsoft’s Solution for Empowering Employees  

A key component for a strong business foundation is built through encouraging connections. Though that can be difficult with the decrease of face-to-face communication due to a large amount of the workforce moving to a hybrid state. Managers must adapt and support their employees when change happens. When they do, it provides a strong internal connection and can strengthen and grow a business. With the Microsoft Viva Platform, managers can connect with employees whether they are in-office, hybrid or remote and improve the internal company experience. 

What is Viva?  

Microsoft Viva is an online employee experience platform powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams. Viva helps you foster a culture that empowers employees and teams to be their best from anywhere. Below are the main categories of Viva and each of the different modules. These modules were created to help enhance the employee experience and help your company grow together 


Viva Learning – Skilling & Growth 

  • A centralized learning portal right in Teams. Encouraging employees to grow their knowledge base and assisting in on-the-job training. Employees have access to personalized and relevant content and can share their learnings with other employees.

Viva Topics - Knowledge & Expertise

  • Using AI to create personalized topics and themes for each employee to grow or learn in common areas they are working in. By organizing information, it allows employees to easily find data and reach out to experts in their field. 


Viva Insights – Productivity & Wellbeing  

  • Provides personalized and actionable insights to help individuals see when they are most productive or areas they might need to work on. Using AI to see data driven work patterns and help increase productivity and the wellbeing of employees. 


Goals – Purpose & Alignment   

  • Defines individual goals and company goals in a single platform. Allowing a smooth workflow and visual operating process for employees to see. They get to understand the value of their work and how each piece fits together in the project workflow using Objective and Key Results (OKRs).  


Viva Connections – Culture & Communication 

  • Helps foster a culture of inclusion and increases communication between employees. Connections is the center hub for employees to see tasks, announcements, resources and more.

Viva Engage – Connect, Share & Find Belonging at Work

  • Powered by Yammer, Engage helps employees feel connected through meaningful conversations. It encourages building relationships between managers and employees and others within their network. 

Role-Based Experience 

Viva Sales – Supercharge Your CRM 

  • Enhance the seller experience and help sellers focus on selling. Through AI, sellers quickly gather and organize data, so they can better understand and connect with their customers. 

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