Licensing Optimization Methodology

From Enterprise Mobility + Security to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 or Windows E5, Microsoft Licensing can be a bit confusing. With different packages, add-ons and bundles that are constantly changing, knowing what's best for your business or what you may already have can be a challenge. That’s why Interlink Cloud Advisor’s works with you to find the best deal for your business.  

Interlink has developed a 5 step plan for the best licensing practice. We start with: 

  1. Business Needs 
  2. Technology Requirements
  3. Microsoft Solutions
  4. Bundle Options
  5. Best Licensing Program

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Let’s break that down even further: 

Business Needs 

Interlink can help assess the needs of your businesses and identify potential user needs that would be effective in assisting your company run seamlessly. Does your business need a stronger IT infrastructure? What does that look like? Interlink will look at the current security posture, the number of endpoint users. We look at collaboration within your business and how to increase the effectiveness of communication and more.  Interlink will walk you through the basics, to gain a clear understanding of how to find the best fit for your business. 

Technology Requirements 

Interlink can help analyze your technology requirements, meaning we also look at the current technology you have, the prerequisites, the number of users you have, compliance requirements and whether they are in-office, remote or both.  We can then help you build out a roadmap of which technologies will help you meet your goals.  This can include putting on workshops to educate your team, providing proof of concepts, and looking at the order of putting in new technologies to reduce integration rework.  We educate your team on the licensing that you already have.  Microsoft is always changing and enhancing their solutions and we want to make sure that are leveraging what you already own.   

Microsoft Solutions 

Interlink will listen and work with you to find the right Microsoft solutions for your needs. After assessing your business needs and technology requirements, we will make a recommendation based on your current licensing investments. There are numerous customizations that your business can use for security, compliance, communication and more. We will talk you through the best course of action, the benefits of Microsoft products and their functionality. 

We will also discuss how to profile the functionality of different users sets so that you can optimize licensing spend by best matching the license to the needs of the user and leveraging things like the Frontline Worker plans.   

If you want to know more about the recent Product and licensing changes, check out our recent webinar. 

Bundle Options 

Microsoft offers dozens and dozens of bundles as options for your user personas, and we can explore add-ons to different packages that will help give you options for functionality that you need today and what you might use tomorrow. Interlink is here to give you the most efficient option to save you money and time. We find the best fit for your business, through exploring and educating on the E5 Bundles, Information Protection & Governance, Insider Risk Management, Frontline Worker Bundles and more. There are multiple paths to choose from. Interlink will set you on the right path, with the best bundle scenarios for you. 

Best Licensing Program 

Understanding the true value of your licensing can be a difficult process. Interlink experts work hard to have a full comprehension of Microsoft products and Licensing and share that expertise with our customers. We teach and guide you through any questions or concerns regarding Microsoft Licensing and help you find the most effective and cost saving Licensing Program. 

Microsoft is continuously evolving their solutions and evolving their licensing. With so many new updates, it can be confusing. View Interlinks webinar on 5 Major Microsoft Licensing Updates That You Need To Know. Discussing the new product launches and product updates. 

 Still seem overwhelming?

Don’t worry Interlink will guide you along the way. Contact us to walk through Licensing Optimization Methodology and make the most of your business.  Or if just need a quick review of your licensing to ensure that you aren’t overpaying, we are happy to engage with our Licensing Health check!