What New Features Are Coming to Microsoft Office 365? A Roadmap

What New Features Are Coming to Microsoft Office 365? A Roadmap

To say that Office 365 is ever evolving and changing is an understatement! How does one keep up with all the changes? What’s new, what is being rolled out in the coming weeks, and what is in future development? Because Office 365 is such a dynamic tool set, it’s constantly being updated with improvements and new tools and services, i.e. Office 365 Video or enhancements to the mobile version of Office or the really cool new Delve search tool.These are just a few examples of the changes that Office 365 has undergone in just the past few months!


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To help you stay informed of the upcoming changes to Office 365 you can check out this fantastic site here. This is the Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap site and as you’ll see Office 365 is a very dynamic tool with lots of things on the table for the coming months. You can follow this site on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, subscribe to email updates and Yammer! We are always here to consult on how these new features are actually making an impact in the real world.  Contact us today to discuss!

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