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What Are the Improvements to SharePoint Online?

Microsoft recently made improvements to the functionality of SharePoint cloud based version:


    • Improved file upload experience: increased file upload limit from 250MB to 2 GB and expanded support for a broader range of file types, specifically .exe and .dll.  These file types can be controlled from SharePoint central administration via the Blocked File Types pages.


    • Increased Site collection and list lookup limits: increased site collection limit from 3,000 to 10,000 and list lookup threshold from 8 to 12 lookups. (for Office 365 Enterprise plans only


    • Improved self-restoration: increasing recycle bin retention duration and turning versioning on by default for new SkyDrive Pro libraries.
        • Customers will now have 90 days to recover deleted documents, lists, list items, sites, etc. from the recycle bin (was emptied automatically every 30 days).

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