ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Azure Security Center: Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud Protection

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Azure Security Center: Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud Protection

While the cloud brings lot of benefits, it also brings another footprint that needs to be protected.

To stay ahead of current and emerging threats, you need a solution that ensures all of your data is guarded, and the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly. Azure’s tools are simple to use and provide enterprise level security – quickly. 

In a special on-demand event, Microsoft and Interlink Cloud Advisors will cover Azure Security Center – a Microsoft service that helps you prevent, detect and respond to threats while delivering increased visibility and control over the security of your resources – whether they reside in Azure, on-premises or in other cloud providers.

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In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how Azure Security Center allows you to:

  • Make server security easy with whitelisting and automated recommendations
  • Get instant insight into security of your Azure deployments
  • Provide just in time access for remote administration
  • Review both the free and $15 per node options
  • Proactively limit risk by locking down access and applications
  • Quickly find and fix security vulnerabilities and configurations
  • Detect and respond to active threats across your entire IT infrastructure

You'll also see a demo that covers Security Center’s advanced analytics, which will help you identify attacks that might otherwise go undetected.

Watch the webinar & view the slides to learn how you can get unified security management and advanced threat protection across your Azure and non-Azure workloads.


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