Upgrading to Office? Eliminate Potential Incompatibilities with Office Telemetry

Upgrading to Office? Eliminate Potential Incompatibilities with Office Telemetry

Office Telemetry is a new monitoring framework tool, which collects the information you need to plan for a successful Office deployment.  It helps you minimize the time that you spend assessing Office compatibility. It also reduces the risks of an Office upgrade and eliminates the guesswork over which documents and add-ins are critical and if they will be compatible with future updates.

Performance Insights Inside of Excel

Office Telemetry is a dashboard that is accessible through Excel. It gives you even more control over your documents and add-ins as you can quickly identify which ones are business critical and need to be given a higher priority. Telemetry as an Excel add-in also makes sharing reports between IT team members easy.

The framework provides administrators with aggregated insights into how documents are being opened, who is opening them and any problems end users may be experiencing, such as version compatibility issues. It also automatically monitors the health and stability of your documents and add-ins. Additionally, when Telemetry detects something is wrong it provides potential solutions that you can deploy across all the affected Office apps. 

office telemetry dashboard

Office Telemetry: An Uncomplicated Office Update Experience

Telemetry is especially important during Office updates, where documents and add-ins may not be compatible with the new version. It reduces the compatibility testing process by offering detailed explanations and solutions that ensure minimal disruption for end users.

Before Telemetry, updating to a new version of Office or installing new add-ins, meant spending a lot of time analyzing if and how the updates would impact end user access to critical documents and Office functions. Plus, collecting the data meant collecting direct end user feedback and experience; which may be impacted by other issues on the PC or their opinions. Now, with Telemetry working in the background constantly collecting Office performance data, you’ll be able to quickly decide the best way to approach updates to your Office environment.  

Contact Interlink to take the compatibility guesswork out of upgrading to Office with Office Telemetry today. 

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