Updates to OneDrive on Mobile Devices

Updates to OneDrive on Mobile Devices

OneDrive mobile apps have all recently been updated.  OneDrive for Andriod has updates that make it easier to differentiate between your work and personal OneDrive accounts, as well as support for adding a PIN number to keep files secure.  On iOS, there is now a feature that allows searching inside the OneDrive app as well as “All photos view” to make it easier to monitor camera backup to OneDrive.  On Windows Phone 8.1 there is now the ability for users to access their OneDrive recycle bin to make it easier to restore accidentally deleted files and folders.  Finally, across the board, OneDrive is now allowing file sizes up to 10GB to allow users to store large files on OneDrive.

Click this link to read more on the Microsoft Blog: https://blog.onedrive.com/onedrive-gets-smarter-on-your-phone/

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