How To Protect Your Users From Ransomware and Vicious New Maladies Hidden In Your Incoming Email

How To Protect Your Users From Ransomware and Vicious New Maladies Hidden In Your Incoming Email

Protecting Your Email with Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection 

With the constant threat of malware, companies have to constantly find ways to stay ahead.  How do you protect your data from these threats when they are constantly evolving and becoming more aggressive?  Microsoft has a solution in Exchange Online called Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).  It is another layer of must-have security that Microsoft offers to meet all your business needs. 

What exactly does ATP do?

  • Protects against unknown viruses and malware. The feature that ATP uses is called Safe Attachments. The attachments are opened in a Microsoft protected virtual machine in their scanning environment. By opening up the attachment in a secure area, Microsoft can quickly see if the code in the attachment is benign or will it try to impact the machine – like trying to find files to encrypt with ransomware.

    Secure Mailboxes Advanced Threat Protection

  • Provides Real Time Scanning. In ATP’s Safe Links feature, users are being proactively protected from malicious links.  Since attackers try to disguise their links as trustworthy sources, Safe Links will block malicious links and access good links with every click.

  • Delivers Reporting and URL Trace Capabilities.  This gives your organization critical insight into the kind of malware and viruses are being sent and who they are being targeted at. In real time, your inbox is being patrolled for vicious malware. When it does detect a potential threat, you are immediately alerted to the threat with recommendations on how to deal with it. 

    Image ProtectEnvironment Advanced Threat Protection

Check out the video below to get more insight into how ATP works. 

Advanced Threat Protection is part of the Office 365 E5 user bundle or can be purchased for $2 per user per month. ATP can be scaled to your business’s needs, whether you want all users or a specific group to have it. 

To add Advanced Threat Protection to your subscription or find out if this is a good fit for your business needs, contact Interlink today.

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