Play Your Emails in Outlook for iOS

Play Your Emails in Outlook for iOS

Utilize Cortana, your AI personal productivity assistant, to catch up on what’s new in your inbox.

Cortana will play aloud your inbox while you are on the go, so you have more time to be productive in your day!


Recently, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making many strides in innovation for companies and individuals. They have asked themselves, “How can we help people change the world for good?” Microsoft 365 is leading the charge to put people at the center and use intelligent, personalized experiences to transform productivity.

What is Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS?

Microsoft has introduced Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS, with Android following later, to read aloud out of your emails using natural language with Cortana. The user interface is specifically designed for people on the move, to help users stay organized, and be productive wherever you are. You can use one finger or voice commands to swipe to the next message, or act on a message – making this app easy to use whether it is on a commute or as you get ready in the morning!

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Play My Emails is the first Cortana feature to be an integral part of the Office 365 core experience. To view a tutorial and overview of this software in use, view Microsoft Office 365's YouTube channel video above! A view of these features and display can be seen here:

Play my emails Outlook for iOS phone

Details of Play My Emails:   

Play My Emails allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to provide a quick response to an email. Cortana will start with a summary of your inbox that includes how many new emails there are, any changes to your day, etc. Then Cortana reads our messages to help you stay organized based on scheduled events, and then important messages. You'll also receive a timestamp and the relationship of the contact who sent you the email. Reading email chains allows Cortana to give you the full context of the conversation together. Users can flag, skip, or archive emails through Cortana.

Siri can also be asked to launch Outlook for iOS and start Play My Emails. Once listening to Play My Emails, Cortana may even tell you, “This is a long one” if an email takes between 30 seconds to a minute to read. For those very detailed and lengthy emails, Cortana will again say, “It’s a really long one” before starting. These previews allow users to flag, skip, or wait to listen to until they are ready.

Regarding protected emails...
Cortana will call out when an email is protected and then briefly pause before reading the playback, so you have time to either pause or skip the message. This allows confidentiality to be kept if users are listening on a Bluetooth enabled speaker out loud instead of with earbuds and are in a location not suited for playback.

How can Interlink help?   

Contact us today to start a conversation about how your organization can take advantage of using Microsoft Office 365 or the Cloud! Training and user adoption are a key part of our offerings.  We can also assist with deploying Outlook Mobile and securing mobile devices with Intune.  Get in touch to discuss what plan is best for your organization’s specific environment and future goals.

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