Office 365 PowerPoint Designer and Morph

Office 365 PowerPoint Designer and Morph

Getting the design right on a presentation is important. Not only can a good design make you feel better about the presentation you’re giving, but it can also make those that are listening more interested and engaged. With PowerPoint’s new built-in Designer, it’s easier than ever to create clean, beautiful, and professional presentations. With a click of the button, you can transform any image or text into beautiful designs and graphics – it’s that easy.

Powerpoint designer 1

The following two new features - which are exclusive to Office 365 subscribers - are an incredibly intuitive way to spice up any presentation. Let’s look at some examples of what is possible with PowerPoint Designer.

1) Background Photos

The first major functionality is how Designer will quickly show options on how you can use a large photo in various ways on that slide depending on what text is present. Not only does it see what other text is there, but it also looks at the image to see what colors would go well with it.

2) Dynamic Lists

Another amazing part of Designer is its ability to create dynamic designs based on the content on each slide. One example of where this shows its strength is in the creation of designs based around bulleted slides and how it can automatically interpret what you are trying to convey.

PowerPoint Designer dynamic lists

For example, in the slide above, Designer recognizes that I am trying to create a numerical list and creates designs focused on conveying the three-step process I wrote.

Making Animation in PowerPoint Simple

The other incredible feature added to PowerPoint is "Morph," which you will find in "transitions." This feature animates the slides for you by comparing two duplicate slides next to each other and recognizes what positions and sizes have changed, and then animates the changes between them.

Microsoft is constantly looking to bring powerful new features to all of their products, and with Designer and Morph, we think they have created something that is incredibly useful and will be begin to be used on a daily basis by PowerPoint users.

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