Nasuni | File Infrastructure Done Right

Nasuni | File Infrastructure Done Right

Tired of upgrading NAS and file servers and migrating data every 3-5 years? With Nasuni you don’t have to.

File storage is not always simple and file servers are painful; organizations often have to overcome fundamental obstacles in object storage like latency, file retrieval, and organizational issues to make object storage usable for storing business files.

Nasuni® Cloud File Services™ is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows IT teams to gain a more scalable, affordable, manageable, and highly available file infrastructure that meets cloud-first objectives and eliminates tedious data migrations and forklift upgrades. Nasuni enables organizations to store, protect, and collaborate on files by offering a unique solution which combines a master “gold copy” record of files stored in Azure in combination with both physical and virtual filers which live at the customer’s remote sites. This together allows for cloud protection and unlimited storage to be combined with the LAN speed type access of a traditional file server. The best of both worlds.

Why Nasuni?

Nasuni is different than traditional file infrastructure. Typically, file servers and NAS (Network-Attached Storage) must be built in every office where users need to store or access files. In order to synchronize these files for easy access and seamless collaboration, organizations must pay more money for more complex and often difficult to manage solutions.   

By storing all enterprise files in an object storage-based global file system and caching just the active files and metadata on edge appliances wherever high-performance access is needed, Nasuni transforms file storage into a cloud-scale service.

It is a modern and low-cost way to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on files across all locations. The platform modernizes the complexities of traditional NAS and file server storage, archive storage, file backup, and disaster recovery while offering advanced capabilities for multi-site file synchronization and the ability to reclassify files to a lower-cost archive tier as they age.

These factors benefit organizations by freeing administrators from the pains of unstructured data management.

Nasuni enables businesses to:

  • More easily shift workloads to different offices to take advantage of excess capacity, special expertise, or lower costs.
  • Eliminate file backup software maintenance, hardware, and media costs, as well as the operational costs of managing file store backups.
  • Restore access to file data in minutes after malware, Ransomware, accidental deletions or major disasters.
  • Access unlimited file storage capacity - you no longer need to manage limited storage pools assigned to remote offices.

What Can Nasuni Do for You?

There are multiple use case scenarios where Nasuni can help organizations transform file storage. Nasuni services are available as bundles or stand-alone.

Primary NAS & File Server Consolidation – Nasuni eliminates the cost and complexity of refreshing NAS devices, Windows and Mac file servers, file backup and disaster recovery. Nasuni Primary stores all files in a private or public cloud object storage.

File Archiving – Nasuni offers long-term unstructured data retention, without the usual long wait times to retrieve archived files, or the typical archive costs, access restrictions, and hardware investments. Plus, Nasuni’s pricing structure prices this workload appropriately. 

Multi-Site File Synchronization – Nasuni boosts the productivity of distributed teams by enabling them to seamlessly share CAD, PLM, Adobe Creative Cloud files, multimedia, software builds, and other large file types across all locations, at any scale.

File Collaboration – Nasuni can help enterprises that rely on cross-functional teams to collaborate in real-time on files across offices and time zones to improve productivity and efficiency.

Nasuni File Infrastructure Solution Overview

What Does Nasuni Include?

The Nasuni platform includes everything you would need – below are the key components.

  • The Nasuni UniFS Global File System stores all files and metadata in private or public cloud object storage.
  • Nasuni Edge Appliances cache active data in any location for high-performance access.
  • The Nasuni Management Console provides central management of edge appliances, protocols, and shares.
  • The Nasuni Operations Center orchestrates file synchronization across all edge appliances and administers Global File Lock.

There are three options to deploy Nasuni:

  1. Entirely on-premises using private cloud object storage
  2. Hybrid Cloud Solution using the Azure cloud object storage with on-premises Nasuni Edge Appliances
  3. Entirely in the Azure cloud using cloud object storage with cloud-based, virtual edge appliances

Tired of Traditional File Infrastructure?

If your organization is tired of overcoming obstacles from traditional NAS and file servers and needs a reliable, cost-effective, and manageable solution, Nasuni may be right for you. Contact Interlink today to find out how to get started with this new solution. Ease the traditional and common pains of file storage by seeing how Nasuni can impact your business.

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