Multi-Geo: Microsoft’s New Globally Reaching, Enterprise-Grade Data Location Controls

Multi-Geo: Microsoft’s New Globally Reaching, Enterprise-Grade Data Location Controls

At a time, when there are so many regulations from governments, corporate compliance and third-party regulators, Microsoft is guiding the path to more granular data location controls within organizations on a global scale with their Multi-Geo feature. This feature gives organizations with Office 365 the ability to put their end user’s Office 365 data in different Microsoft data centers across the world and setup unique permissions for each country, and it is now available for Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. Future releases of Multi-Geo will include support for SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups.

Multi-Geo Features

To see some of the features and Multi-Geo capabilities and learn how to implement Multi-Geo within your organization, review the Microsoft Mechanics’ video introduction below.

Multi-Geo is currently available to customers with a minimum of 5,000 users and requires the customer to license a minimum of 5% of their total user accounts with Multi-Geo at a service cost of $2/user/month. Currently, Multi-Geo is available widely, but not quite everywhere in the world yet. See below for the current Map of available Geos:

multi geo capabilities

Available in:

 Australia, Asia Pacific, Canada, European Union, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, and United States.


Learn More about Multi-Geo

To learn how Multi-Geo can be added to your organization, please contact Interlink Cloud Advisors for the details.

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