Streamlining Business Communications with Microsoft Teams

Streamlining Business Communications with Microsoft Teams

In your hectic need-it-now, always-connected, running-to-meetings business life, trying to keep up with all the content, communications, and interactions you face daily can be overwhelming. Shifting between the multiple applications, email inboxes, and social media sites that you need to access to do your job can dramatically stifle your productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft has helped to streamline this information overload with Teams, the collaboration solution that consolidates your applications and communications in one place. Teams provides a clean, easy-to-use interface that provides easy access to the tools and sites you need to use all day long. It is being viewed as an integration point to the functionality in Office 365.

In the Teams demo below, you’ll see how you can quickly create a new team that will be involved with a project, add internal and external people, and immediately be able to connect with individuals who create and provide feedback on content development.

You can pull in data from Microsoft Planner to set up schedules and content from other groups that you want to include in the project. You can use bots to ask a variety of questions about related topics to include in your presentation and pull people together for video meetings as needed throughout the development process.

The power of Microsoft Teams comes from being able to accomplish all of this from one screen on your desktop. There is no longer a need to shuffle between apps, open and close windows, and perform other gyrations that simply slow you down. The integration of both Microsoft Apps and non-Microsoft Apps, social media sites, and individuals both inside and outside your organization can be used to streamline any project you need to undertake.

Teams is fast becoming the go-to collaboration tool for many businesses. Contact us to set up an in-depth Teams demo so you can get started streamlining collaboration in your organization.

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