Office Mobile App – Get Productive on the Go

Office Mobile App – Get Productive on the Go

Microsoft is expanding the editing capabilities of the Office mobile app to Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Education, and more...

Find out how you can take advantage of this!


Currently, all Office 365 plans allow you to view documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote apps for iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. However, certain features and files may depend on if you have an Office 365 qualifying plan or non-qualifying plan, or if you have a one-time purchase of Office for your organization. Now, with a change of licensing, users can not only view but edit documents on the go!

Read on to learn what you can do in the Office mobile app on Android, IOS, or device with an Office 365 subscription...

What's new with Microsoft Office apps?

Microsoft is now expanding how users can access and use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote for iOS and Android users! These users must have a qualifying plan - view all qualifying plans. Once available, all Office 365 subscribers will be able to install full versions of the mobile apps on up to five mobile devices and create, edit and share documents through their mobile devices. If your organization or school currently is using the Office 365 E1, F1, or Business Essential Licenses then users will now be able to install any of the Office mobile apps from their app store to mobile devices. Once a user signs in, they will be able to access their content whether it is files saved to their own OneDrive or shared with them from their mobile device.

Microsoft currently has a beta version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Office mobile app. With this new app, you can view, edit, and share files without the need to switch between multiples apps. View the video below for more information.

Office Mobile App

What type of functionality do Microsoft Office apps have? 

As mentioned previously, Office mobile apps are already available in both in the iOS and Android app stores, but only to view content and documents. With this change in licensing, users will not only be able to view content but also to edit it! This allows functionality on the go and the ability to work on documents and make edits on mobile devices.

One important thing to note is that if users have devices with screen sizes over 10.1,” such as an iPad Pro screen, the users will need to have the O365 licenses with desktop apps for PC/Mac to be able to edit. That means only users with Office 365 E3, E4, E5, ProPlus, Business, and Business Premium licenses will be able to use the mobile apps to edit on devices with screen sizes over 10.1”.

Why is the new Office mobile app beneficial? 

With the app, users will be able to view, create, and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with Office apps designed for mobile devices and tablets. This allows organizations to expand how they work! These features work anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Office apps for mobile devices and tablets are specifically designed to help you be more productive and efficient from your mobile phone. If you are interested in learning how to get Office Productivity Apps, go here.

A few apps you can start using today on your mobile device is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Office Lens, Yammer, Delve, Microsoft Teams, Stream, Skype, and Skype for Business.

How can Interlink help? 

Some qualifying plans and all non-qualifying plans have a screen size limit of 10.1 inches for editing in the Office mobile apps. For example, if you're using an iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen, you must have a qualifying Office 365 plan with access to the desktop apps to edit files. View the qualifying plans to see what features are available with your plan or version of Office. If you're not sure what plan you have, see "What Office 365 product or license do I have?"

If your organization is trying to get more value out of your Office 365 investment, contact Interlink and we can start a discussion about options so you can better access valuable tools like Office mobile apps and more.

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