How does Office Delve boost workgroup productivity?

How does Office Delve boost workgroup productivity?

Microsoft Office Delve accomplishes this by making it easy to identify files that you need to work, even when you can’t locate or describe them.

Microsoft Office Delve, a new information discovery and content management applicationmonitors content and tailors information discovery to each person’s content and work habits. Delve is based on Office Graph technology. This technology uses machine learning to track the links between people, content, and activities across Office 365 applications. The relationship maps that Graph creates pushes use patterns to news feeds personalized for each user.

Delve measures the relevance of each file that workgroup members create, change, and share. The more relevant a content is to your work—and the more closely you work with others to create and share it—the more relevant the file is to you. When you look for files, the most relevant ones appear on the search list.



How to Put Delve to Work for Your Organization

Using Delve to discover and manage your information:

  1. Create useful, engaging content.The more closely your content provides what you and your colleagues need for work, the more often it will be found, opened and shared.
  2. Title your files carefully. Again, you maximize relevance and visibility by naming your files with keywords that reflect your current work and colleagues’ interests.
  3. Store workgroup files in Office Delve. In Delve, you'll find documents stored in OneDrive for Business or in Sites in Office 365. You'll also find videos that have been uploaded to Office 365 Video.
  4. Share documents and invite others to view and comment on the content. The content that is viewed most often, edited or shared among your closest colleagues and peers, generates buzz and relevance.
  5. Create Boards. Delve Boards allow users to group related content for easier discovery. Boards can be shared and followed and are considered the “Pinterest for Productivity”.
  6. Find and explore. Easily find documents you’ve seen before. Or, discover content you didn’t know existed. The Graph information discovery engine does all the work.

This is only just the beginning...Microsoft plans to add further integration to Delve, such as Yammer and other content sources.

Finding what you need—quickly—and discovering new connections is what Delve is all about. To find out how you can use Delve to cut time, effort and frustration of everyday work, contact us today!

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