How do I copy and paste multiple items with Microsoft Office?

How do I copy and paste multiple items with Microsoft Office?

Do you often find yourself needing to copy and paste more than one item? More than two or three items? Well, now you can copy up to as many as 24 items from Office, PowerPoint or other programs and paste them into one document! 

So, how does it work? Glad you asked!!

Simply put, Office clipboard works with the standard cut and paste commands. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t helping; I’m getting there!!


Office clipboard works like this:

  • Up to 24 items can be collected and copied to the clipboard
  • You can arrange how you want those items pasted into your document and in what order
  • To help keep you organized, there’s a display that shows you how many items you’ve copied from the clipboard
  • Lastly, if you copy a 25th item then the last item before is deleted from the clipboard

The clipboard is very configurable! You can turn it on, off, control how it’s displayed and delete items from the clipboard.

 You can turn on/off and customize the clipboard in Access, PowerPoint, Office, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, SharePoint Designer and Word. Multiple copy/paste is only available when the Cut/Copy/Paste commands are available. To learn how to customize your clipboards and begin cutting/pasting multiple items, check out the link here!  

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