DocuSign Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to Transform the Document Signature Processes

DocuSign Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to Transform the Document Signature Processes

The ability to sign documents securely and quickly is a crucial component of any business process. Traditional document signature methods, where documents need to be created, signed, sent, delivered, and returned to multiple parties, wastes a considerable amount of time and money. For Office 365 users, the administrative burden of the paper signature process is lifted with DocuSign. DocuSign seamlessly integrates into Office 365 and its applications like SharePoint Online, Outlook and Word, to create a completely digital and scalable document signature solution for your organization.

Let’s look at few ways DocuSign integration completely transforms document signature processes.



You’ll Never Leave SharePoint for Signatures Again

DocuSign appears as a tab (plugin) in the SharePoint Online interface. When you need to sign a document, or get signatures, just click the DocuSign tab and you’ll be on your way to doing in minutes what used to take days (or even weeks).

Single Sign-On Authentication

Your Office 365 sign-on credentials are used for DocuSign too. There’s no additional passwords or sign-on procedures to go through when you need to sign, deliver, or request documents.

Create and Edit Documents Inside of DocuSign

Prior to DocuSign’s integration with Office 365, creating and editing documents was a separate process from sending and requesting signatures. Now, you can create and edit documents inside of SharePoint Online (and other Office 365 apps) and then send them to the appropriate parties. DocuSign’s single integrated workflow lets you accomplish multiple tasks in a short amount of time.

Content options like signature, name, and title blocks eliminate the confusion of who should sign what. Each of these options comes with specified value options, giving you even more control over the precision of the document signing process. In the past this could have required multiple emails and phone calls to accomplish.

Manage the Signature Process Inside of SharePoint

DocuSign gives you real-time feedback on the status of your documents. You can see who still needs to sign the documents, send reminders, and deliver related messages to multiple parties. 

DocuSign also gives senders advanced administrative controls. Senders can grant or deny access to documents and extend editing privileges to document recipients. In the case a document needs to be changed or sent to a different individual within the recipient’s organization, advanced controls give senders the ability to quickly take corrective action without disrupting the document signature process. Plus, senders can require a specific pin to get singing access, which helps ensure that access is limited to only the legitimate signatory. 

Office 365 Document Security

Because your documents live inside Office 365 and DocuSign, they are always in a secure, centralized location. Documents are only accessible to those who the sender grants certain permissions such as sign and view-only.

Transform the Way You Sign Documents with DocuSign Office 365 Integration

For Office 365 users, DocuSign is the fastest and most efficient way to securely send, sign, track, and store important documents. If a recipient doesn’t have DocuSign, he or she can still sign a document without any additional associated costs (signing is always free but sending requires a DocuSign license). Each signed document generates a certificate of completion that displays a timestamp and a record of each signature.

Without ever leaving SharePoint Online, and with full integration with Office 365, DocuSign transforms any business process where signatures are required. Whether it’s onboarding, inventory orders, or contract sheets, DocuSign delivers the signature speed and flexibility that paper and other e-signature solutions can’t. 

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